Michelle Yeoh says her grandson will be ‘spoiled for sure’

Michelle Yeoh
Credits: Michelle Yeoh/Instagram

Michelle Yeoh is embracing her new role as a grandmother and confesses that she will be spoiling her grandson. During an interview with People at the world premiere of Netflix’s “The Brothers Sun,” the actress, 61, talked about her baby grandson. She shared that she has yet to decide on what she wants her grandma’s name to be.

“No, not yet,” Yeoh responded when asked about what she wants her grandson, Maxime, to call her. She explained, “I want him to know his own name. Otherwise, he’s going to grow up thinking that’s his name.

Remember, if you say no too often to a child, they probably run around thinking my name must be ‘No,’ because every time someone sees me, he’s like, ‘No, no'” She also admitted she may spoil her grandson a bit too much, saying, “Spoiled for sure.”

Michelle Yeoh announced becoming a first-time grandmother

Earlier this month, Yeoh joyfully announced her entry into grandmotherhood, sharing heartwarming photos on Instagram on New Year’s Day. The actress and her husband, Jean Todt, celebrated becoming grandparents after Todt’s son, Nicolas, welcomed his first baby.

Sharing a photo of the newborn’s tiny foot cradled in her hand, Yeoh captioned it, “A little miracle on the first day of 2024 we are so truly blessed… can’t tell u how happy I am for this very very special bundle of joy.”

Yeoh posted more photos of herself and Todt expressing gratitude to Nicolas and Darina, stating, “Thank you darling Nicolas and Darina for making us the happiest and proudest Grandparents!! Welcome baby Maxime.” She also shared a picture of the couple with the proud new parents and their newborn, captioning it with “Love love love.”


Netizens showered the comment section with love as one wrote, “You both look great, you are a young grandparents. Congratulations to your family!” A fan commented, “Isn’t it the most amazing thing in the world!? Becoming grandma or for me it’s Yaya, has been a revelation. I am completely smitten with my grandson. Congratulations to you and your whole family! Happy New Year too!”

A third comment read, “Precious! Congratulations to your whole family!” A user wrote, “Congratulations!what the blessing 2024 to start the beginning year of dragon to become proudly grandparents..so happy for your whole family!!!” Another comment read, “What a way to start the year! Congratulations on the arrival of your grandbaby!”

Yeoh tied the knot in July 2023

In December, the actress celebrated a second wedding, about three months after exchanging vows in Geneva on July 27. This ceremony took place in Yeoh’s hometown of Ipoh, Malaysia, and was a small, casual affair.

Following their summer nuptials in Switzerland, Yeoh took to Instagram to share photos from the joyous occasion. In her caption, she expressed gratitude, saying, “19 years and YES!! we are married!! Thkq to our ‘families’ who love us for all these years. We love you and here’s to many more to come.”