Missing senior dog mistaken as stray rescued after 6 years

Missing Stray Dog

Finally, a happy life for an adorable senior dog who had gone missing for 6 years!

Via a Facebook post, the nonprofit organization Lost Dog Recovery UK South announced that a 12-year-old Patterdale Terrier named Rose, who was missing is finally getting a happy home. She was mistaken for a stray dog all these years.

People noted via the Facebook post that the organization got a call that a small, black dog was running astray on the road near Crawley Down, West Sussex, and stopping traffic. The organization began to track her moves by setting out food to lure her out. They also asked residents in the nearby area about the dog, who told them that the dog had been a stray “who lived locally” for “about ten years” and that “she should be left alone” because “she was in good condition, fed and cared for.”

After hearing this, the organization decided that it would help Rose out. They set up a trap on Dec. 9 for the dog by setting out a warm roast chicken feast with a JR Pate topper and managed to catch her at around 8:30 p.m.

They shared on the Facebook post, “Understandably she was shocked and scared, but very gentle, and was taken immediately to the warmth and safety of kennels.” Upon arriving at the kennels, authorities discovered that her name was Rose and that she had gone missing from her owners less than 24 hours after being adopted in March 2017. Rose went missing six miles away from where she was found, in a place called Ashurst Wood.

However, when her owners were contacted, they told them that they would not be able to take her back in as they had moved away from the area and were no longer in a “position to take her back.”

The organization said at the time, “After the initial shock, our absolute JOY at finding a long-lost dog is tinged with sadness as there is no “happy reunion” for Rose; she never got the chance to know the love of her family.”

The organization updated Rose’s status saying that she would be cared for by Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge, UK, in addition to several families willing to take her in. The post said, “Not all stray dogs have a story like Rose… but every stray dog matters to us just the same….”

The organization also guided people to give care to a street dog like they would to a regular dog breed. The post reiterates, “Please don’t leave a dog straying for any longer than they have to be… not only for them and their wellbeing but also for the sake of any humans who love them.”