Mom shields son as black bear jumps on table to gobble his ‘birthday dinner’; Watch Video

Black Bear
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Special family birthday dinners gone wrong is a favorite theme for meme accounts to display. Whether it is some other kid blowing the birthday kids’ cake candles, resulting in a fight, or whether there are innumerable cake slams entirely missing the birthday guy and landing on someone else. What we don’t usually witness is a furry party crasher who finishes up your birthday food while you can do nothing but stare in disbelief.

A beautiful Monday birthday dinner of a 15-year-old teen boy at Chipinque Park in Monterrey with his mother was suddenly peered on by onlookers with gasps and shrieks because of what followed. According to People, the Associated Press reported that amidst the quiet birthday dinner, an uninvited dangerous furry guest, a Black Bear in Mexico, leaped onto the table full of enchiladas, tacos, and french fries and started gobbling it up to the mother and son’s horror. The recorded footage showed the mother covering her son’s face as they sat and watched the bear eat all their food. Unincidentally, the video, which was uploaded on TikTok, invited about 15.7 million views since Monday.

“Santiago is very afraid of animals,” Macías revealed to AP. “Any animal scares him a lot.” With regards to her act of covering Santiago’s eyes, People revealed that her son had Down syndrome, so he was scared easily. Since Sylvie knew that there was a chance of countering a Bear during their trip to the park, she came up with a game to console Santiago and cover his eyes and ‘act like statues’ in an event when a bear showed up. They knew not to run away and panic in that situation, given the sudden reaction the bear could inflict as well.


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“That’s why I covered his eyes because I didn’t want him to see it and scream or run,” Macías revealed to the AP. “I was afraid that if he got scared or screamed or scared the bear, that the bear would react.” I just think I’m a mother who protected her cub,” she elucidated.

At one point, Chapa threw the plate full of food away from the table to lead the bear away from the mother and son, who were sitting perfectly still. The bear eventually waddled off to the tossed plate to complete his meal.

According to BBC, as reported by People, Chipinque Park’s Spanish-language website says that Black bear encounters in the Monterrey metropolitan area have been on the rise in recent times, where wild animals that could harm humans were spotted in various parks and restaurant joints in recent times. According to the National Wildlife Federation, Bears tend to be “very attracted to human garbage” and food and will live “just about anywhere they can find food, but largely occur where there are trees.”

This severely threatens tourists in an area, and this news should be a wake-up call to increase the security protocol in the areas where man-animal conflict is at a friction point.