Murdaugh estate, Moselle, goes on sale again for $1.95 million

mosselle estate
Photo: WHNS/File Image

Hunted and haunted houses are not popular destinations for a family or otherwise to take up residence. Memories of murder and spirits past seem to seep into the minds of the current residing family and distort them. Sooner or later, the house goes on sale again and ends in a continuous loop.

People report that the Murdaugh estate is on the market again and is open to buyers. It is a 1,770-acre property where Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were fatally gunned down in 2021. Per The Post and Courier reports via People, the property initially landed in the hands of Murdaugh’s former neighbors, Jeffrey Godley of Islandton and James Ayer of Ehrhardt, and sold for  $3.9 million.

However, ownership rights over the property soon quivered as Alex Murdaugh was convicted of killing his wife and youngest son on 2 March 2023, sentencing him to prison on two life terms. Murdaugh has maintained his innocence and is seeking a new murder trial, desperate to prove himself wrong.

People elucidated that the only thing that was helping pay for his attorneys over this open-and-shut case were the proceeds from the sale of the estate, which was in Maggie’s name, helped pay Murdaugh’s legal fees. The proceeds also helped him pay victims of the 2019 boat crash that killed Mallory Beach, 19, when Paul was allegedly at the wheel, as reported by WSAV reports.

The Post and Courier reports via People that apart from the money used to fuel these instances, the rest of the money went to Alex’s surviving brother Buster and into a settlement fund for victims of Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes for stealing millions from his clients and others.

Moving on to the details of the current sale placed by Godley and Ayer, People report that they have ‘put the 4-bedroom, 4.5 bath, 5,275-square-foot house and 21 acres of the sprawling property on the market for $1.95 million.’ Reportedly, the sale of the house and the 21 acres does not include the dog kennels where the bodies of Maggie and Paul were found on the night of June 7, 2021.

It was notified that the buyers of the property would not find the belongings of the Murdaugh family since they were already sold at an auction in Georgia, according to People.

Here is a list of things that shoppers bought according to People( ABC4 reports), ‘Shoppers bought hundreds of the family’s belongings including a pair of Buster’s khaki chinos, the bicycle Maggie loved to ride around the property, a fur she had been photographed wearing, and for $31,000, the so-called “alibi couch,” where Alex claimed he took a nap when the murders took place, which came with pillows monogrammed with Maggie’s initials, a matching sofa and recliners. A $35 Yeti cup sold for $400, and turtle lamps went for $5,000, ABC4 reports.

According to the listing, acquired via People, “they will get a landscape that consists of upland open fields and a mature old growth hardwood forest as a backdrop”, adding, “This property is secluded in nature and remains quiet and private,” continuing, “The Moselle Estate House is a unique property that has the capacity to offer a buyer many potential uses such as a family residence or compound, equestrian pursuits, hobby farm, or just a weekend retreat destination. The listing goes on to say that “the stately brick columns at the entrance of the property, await a long impressive oak-lined driveway leading to a quintessential southern vision of the classic and traditional styled Moselle Estate House.”