5 Myths about breastfeeding that new mothers should never fall for

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Bearing a child is not an easy task. But it’s an essential part for many, so having nervousness and self-doubt at every step is quite normal. In the early stages of life, the growth of a child is fast and is mainly dependent on the breast milk he or she gets. However, as important as it is for the baby, new mothers are often left confused and emotionally drained. All thanks to the myths around breastfeeding,

So. here are a few myths that new mothers should never fall for.

1. It is a handy job

If you are at the initial stage, facing difficulty in positioning the baby with your body is normal. This practice consumes a lot of time and requires a habit to get used to it. At times, you may need the help of another person to keep your day fixed to a schedule if you are a breastfeeder.

2. All you should do is consume a simple and plain diet

5 Myths about breastfeeding babies 2

With so much going on inside and outside the body, consuming a balanced diet is becomes a necessity for mothers. But, one need not have a drastic change in their diet. Your baby is already familiar with your diet pattern from the time of its existence in your womb. But if you think that baby is reacting to any particular product, consulting the doctor about this problem is never a bad option.

3. You should say no to all medicines while breastfeeding


If you need to take any medicines for good, then it’s okay. But do consult it with your doctor first and specifically mention that you are breastfeeding a baby. Make sure to read the instruction on the medicine before consuming it. Also, consult your baby’s doctor that you are taking that specific medicine. and most important.

4. If you breastfeed your baby for more than a year you make them clingy

5 Myths about breastfeeding babies 1

In old times, when there was no substitute for breast milk, ladies used to breastfeed for two years. In fact, it resulted in a baby being stronger and healthier. Additionally, it is proven that consuming breast milk for around two years is beneficial for both the baby and the mother. But this is not always the case. It is you and your child who collectively have to decide the time period. So don’t let anyone tell you for how long should you breastfeed your baby.

5. Exercising is not good for the baby

You might have heard a lot that exercising is not good while you are still breastfeeding your child but let us tell you that this saying is completely wrong and has no evidence attached to it. Exercise is a healthy practice, especially in such situations. But this does not mean that you move towards very rigorous and harsh exercises as an excess of anything is not good, so consult a physician and make a daily routine to exercise.