Natalee Holloway’s killer finally confesses to murder, details horror final moments

Natalee Holloway Van der Sloot
Credits: CBS/ Screengrab, Shelby County Jail

The two-decade-long mystery has finally come to a conclusion as Joran van der Sloot finally confessed to murdering Natalee Holloway after she refused his sexual advances. In a shocking confession, van der Sloot detailed the horrifying final moments to his lawyer.

The convict, who was 17 at that time, admitted to hitting Holloway’s face with a cinderblock. The victim, Holloway, then 18, had been celebrating her high school graduation on a class trip to Aruba before her sudden disappearance.

Joran van der Sloot’s confession

The teenager’s long-unsolved killing finally met its resolution with van der Sloot’s recorded confession to his lawyer. Detailing the horrifying final moments of the late teenager, van der Sloot said that he struck a cinder block over Holloway’s head after the 18-year-old refused to meet his sexual advances.

“I lay her down – we lay down together – in the sand and, uh, we start kissing each other,” van der Sloot, now 36, claimed in early October, as reported by People. And when he tried to escalate the sexual encounter, Holloway refused to oblige. “She tells me ‘no.’ She tells me she doesn’t want me to — to feel her up. Uh, I insist. I keep feeling her up either way,” he said.

In need of rescue, Holloway kneed him in the crotch, leading to van der Sloot kicking her “extremely hard” in the face. Natalee went “unconscious, possibly even uh, even dead, but definitely unconscious,” van der Sloot further claimed. It was then that he noticed “a huge” cinder block lying nearby in the sand.

He went on to describe, “I take this and uh, yeah, I– I– I smash her head in with it completely. Uh, yeah, her face basically, you know, uh collapses in.” At the time of his confession, van der Sloot was in a federal detention facility with cinderblock walls. He told his federal defender, Kevin L. Butler, that the cinder block he used to harm Natalee was just like the ones around him at that moment.

“Uhm, afterwards,” Van der Sloot went on to recall the night of May 30, 2005. “I don’t know what to do.” He confessed to grabbing Natalee’s body and “I half, uh, half pull and half walk with her into the ocean,” he said, adding that he then walked them into the water “to about my knees” and “I push her off into– into the– into the– into the sea.” He concluded the spine-chilling by saying, “I get out. I– I walk home.”

Van der Sloot will not be prosecuted

Van der Sloot will not be prosecuted for Holloway’s murder due to the statute of limitations for murder in Aruba is 12 years, despite his confession. He had previously been arrested several times in connection to Holloway’s disappearance. While being declared dead in 2012, her body was never recovered. 

On Wednesday, van der Sloot pleaded guilty to extortion and wire fraud charges. He confessed to taking $25,000 from Beth Holloway in 2010 by pretending to give her information about her daughter’s disappearance. Later, he admitted to his intel as “worthless” and flew to Peru with the money.

Van der Sloot sentenced to 28-year in prison for another murder

Van der Sloot is already serving a 28-year prison sentence for another murder case. In this case, he was linked to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway by Stephany Flores Ramírez, a 21-year-old student. They were sharing a hotel room in Lima in 2010.

The two got into an argument, with van der Sloot, who was 22 at the time, confessing to beating, choking, and suffocating Ramírez to death later. This brutal killing happened in the same month he went to Peru with the money he extorted from Natalee’s mother.