Natalie Portman says she has ‘no desire to contribute’ to marriage rumors: ‘Terrible’

Natalie Portman
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Natalie Portman is setting the record straight about the speculations surrounding her private life. The “May December” actress, who tied the knot with French choreographer Benjamin Millepied in 2012, shared her thoughts on the ongoing marriage rumors during an interview for Vanity Fair’s 30th annual Hollywood issue.

When questioned about a recent period of speculation, triggered by French outlet Voici’s claims of Millepied’s alleged extramarital affair, Portman, 42, responded, “It’s terrible, and I have no desire to contribute to it.” Taking note of the situation, the interviewer replied, “I don’t love asking about it, either,” to which Portman empathetically replied, “I can imagine.”


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Natalie Portman talks about living in Los Angeles and Paris

Delving further into her personal life, Portman reflected on the dynamic between her dual residencies in Los Angeles and Paris, describing them as “complementary cities” that both feel like home. “I love having both in my life,” she shared. “I lead a very non-Hollywood life in L.A. I live on the east side. I have some friends who are in the entertainment industry, but many friends who are not, and we don’t do industry things when we hang out. We’re not going to Hollywood parties, we’re having dinners at home in the backyard.”

The ‘Black Swan’ actress went on to explain how living in L.A. actually made her “experience” of the city “much less ‘Hollywood.'” She continued, “When I would visit, it would only be for work, and I’d be staying somewhere in Beverly Hills, and I’d be having industry meetings and going to industry parties. Living there made my experience much more rounded and appreciative of all the city has to offer, from nature to the arts, food to music, and of course, the people.”

Portman added, “And Paris, of course, is just a dream. I’m so lucky to get to live here and have an enormously stimulating city life with incredible friends.”

Portman and Millepied met during the filming of ‘Black Swan’

Portman, 40, and Millepied, 46, first crossed paths when he was working as a choreographer on the sets of “Black Swan” and training the star actress in ballet. The pair began dating by the time filming concluded.

Within a year, they were engaged and expecting their first child together. After the birth of their son Aleph in 2011, Portman and Millepied exchanged vows in California. They are also parents to daughter Amalia, born in 2017.


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