NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3: Are there any hopes for September?

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Aloha, NCIS Fandom! 

We have news. Exciting news on the return of NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 amidst bleak circumstances. 

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Topping the list of CBS flagship series, we have a titular military crime drama that is currently busy climbing the ranks of network television. The wide-fanned success of NCIS: Hawai’i Seasons 1 and 2 has managed to christen it into a CBS network mainstay! Oceans, apart from the premise surrounding its mother franchise NCIS and other spinoffs, have been born under the umbrella of this flagship series. NCIS Hawai’i currently awaits its feature of the third installment, bringing with it unbridled anticipation, cliffhangers resolved, and top-of-the-barrel action sequences that have its audience on the edge of their seats.

For those unversed, NCIS: Hawai’i is an American military procedural television series created by Christopher Silber, Jan Nash, and Matt Bosack. Premiered for the first time on September 20, 2021, on its official network channel, CBS, the series underscores Jane Tennant, who is responsible for guiding the Special Agents from Naval Criminal Investigative Services in Hawai’i. With great power comes great responsibility, a titular quote Jane adheres to and proves from time to time. The major series culminated in an unsurprising renewal of Season 3 by the official CBS network in February 2023.

Thereafter, ardent fans have been deep in inquiry about the arrival of Season 3 on the CBS network by fall 2023, as that is the incessant pattern followed by most channel staples. However, the uncertain double strike situation that has the entire Hollywood industry in a chokehold after 63 long years has led to an indefinite hiatus declaration over anticipated 2023 releases like Stranger Things, The Sandman, and Outer Banks, among countless others. Looks like NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 has been shoved into this over-crowded bandwagon of delayed series and has no way of coming out by 2023.

However, speculations and distant confirmations regarding the arrival of Season 3 have surfaced, so we are here to update you on these recent developments. If you are one of the impatient fans waiting on any piece of information related to the arrival of NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3, look no further. We have gathered all the details here and an exciting announcement awaits you at the end, so keep reading!

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Credits: CBS

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Renewal: An Unsurprising Announcement

Ahead of the finale episode of NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 on May 22, 2023, the CBS network renewed NCIS: Hawai’i for a third Season in February itself following the stellar reception of the second season by the audience. While enjoying the twists and turns of Season 2, the Season 3 renewal announcement calmed the nerves of the viewers in anticipation that a new season full of surprises and twists was on the way in 2023 itself.

The announcement was made on an Instagram post shared by Vanessa Lachey. On March 24, 2023, following in the wake of season 2 filming, the actress who played the lead role of Jane Tennant posted an appreciation post extolling her cast and expressing gratitude to everyone, especially her fans.

The announcement was followed by an earth-shattering news that continues to this day, rendering the hopes of the upcoming season obsolete. This was none other than the dual strike situation that has been continuing for over four months, with its inception in May with the eruption of the WGA strikes. SAG AFTRA joined them a month later, and the double strike prevented the upcoming series from starting or continuing production, given that there were no writers to write the upcoming season scripts and no actors to film them. Hence the fate of scripted series has been sealed for most likely the remainder of 2023, with networks and streamer giants only focusing on unscripted shows, game shows, and reality TV.

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So despite the renewal announcement and the ongoing strikes, how will CBS live up to the promise it made to its viewers regarding the release of NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3, and when is a potential date of release for the same going to sprout? Keep reading!

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Arrival: Are There Any Hopes For September?

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 3: When can we expect it's release?
Credits: Instagram

Amidst unfortunate events that surround the fate of popular scripted shows this year, is it possible to find a silver lining? Let’s find out.

CBS had taken to Instagram in June amidst the WGA strikes, anticipating it to end within the next two months and publish its fall 2023 schedule that contained Season 3 of NCIS: Hawai’i. However, these speculations needed to be reversed as the SAG AFTRA joined, and more still, the strike was etching closer to its three-month mark, which meant that there was no scope for production to begin by August. This seemed to breach their fall schedule rendering it obsolete. Hence, much like its competitor networks such as NBC, ABC, and FX, CBS too revised its earlier published fall 2023 schedule and made the necessary changes. This, unfortunately, includes pushing back all the fall 2023 new season releases, including NCIS: Hawai’i as well as the mother series NCIS Season 21, to a release window of the mid-2024 season.

So, about the arrival of Season 3, there are no hopes for September 2023, but you can count on a 2024 first-quarter release (preferably February 2024) given that the strikes end by October of this year. The new episodes will most likely air at the same time slot every Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and later available to stream on Paramount Plus.

In other news, CBS has still decided to treat us to the NCIS franchise’s 20th-anniversary episodes on the channel in place of the new Season 3. The network will most likely feature all the important and the most popular episodes from the entire NCIS franchise, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the official fall 2023 CBS schedule that includes the date and timings around which the bonus 20th Anniversary episodes will be broadcast.

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Cast: Who Will Reprise Their Roles For The New Season?

We expect the following cast members to reprise their roles:

  • Enver Gjokaj as Captain Joe Milius
  • Yasmine Al-Bustami as Lucy Tara
  • Vanessa Lachey as Jane Tennant
  • Alex Tarrant as Kai Holman
  • Noah Mills as Jesse Boone
  • Jason Antoon as Ernie Malik
  • Tori Anderson as Kathrine Marie “Kate” Whistler
  • Kian Talan as Alex Tennant
  • Mahina Napoleon as Julie Tennant
  • Julie White as Maggie Shaw
  • Sharif Atkins as Captain Norman ‘Boom Boom’ Gates
  • Seana Kofoed as Commander (Dr.) Carla Chase
  • Anthony Ruivivar as Daniel Tennant

Remember the exciting news we mentioned at the beginning? It is related to a special entry to the cast of NCIS: Hawai’i for Season 3 as a recurring character with a more permanent nature. However, you have to wait till the end to figure out who it is and from where. Keep reading before we unveil the ‘blast from the past.’

With respect to the potential cast members who will be reprising or arriving for Season 3, we do not have any formal confirmation given that the production for the same has not begun yet. We urge the viewers to keep a close tab on all the social media platforms of the franchise as well as Web News Observer for regular updates in this realm.

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 3: When can we expect it's release?
Credits: Instagram

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Plot: What Will The Premise Be Based On

*Spoilers Ahead*

While the cast and creators of the spinoff have not delved into any details of the plot and the events that are to unravel in the new Season of NCIS: Hawai’i and the majority of the plot has been kept under wraps, we are certain that it will pick up from the massive bifurcated cliffhangers that transpired in Season 2 of the series.

At best guess, Season 3 will be based on the quintessential premise of the show that encircles, “The world’s most successful television series continues on the seductive shores of Hawai’i as the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor takes command. She and her team balance duty to family and country, investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security, and the mysteries of the island itself. This NCIS: Hawai’i team is a skilled mix of mainland transplants who’ve relocated to the tranquility of the Pacific and wizened locals who know their mahalo from kapu.”

The third season is also expected to pick up right after the cliffhanger of the second season finale episode, “Dies Irae,” in which the viewers get to see that when a figure Jane encountered during her time as an officer with the CIA reappears, she and her colleagues seek help to apprehend a killer who’s threatening to destroy everything she has built; with Jane receiving assistance from Sam Hanna of the OSP team of NCIS: Los Angeles. With tough and regretful decisions made, the NCIS: Hawai’i team is facing some major changes that they are yet to know. Major consequences await the Tennant after what transpired in the Season 2 finale.

Though she and her mentor Maggie were successful in taking Adrian Creel off the board, it came with a lot of strings. Tennant’s original plan was to arrest him, but that soon went out the window when Maggie shot and killed Adrian, explaining that she could not leave him alive since she had a lot to lose if she did. With Maggie on the lam and uncertainty surrounding how this will affect Tennant professionally, Season 3 is shaping up to be a very interesting one.

Here are a few premises for season 3 revealed by the cast of NCIS: Hawai’i on what is to come. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year-old actor Noah Mills answered whether the two-hour season 2 finale would have ripple effects on Hawai’i season 3 or not.

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 When can we expect its release

He said, “That’s a really interesting question and I think one that is still in process and it will be interesting to see how the writers and producers carry that into the beginning of season 3 because they definitely will. Her past and some of her emotional decisions do put other people in jeopardy and pull us out of our job description. Tennant is an emotional character and is charged especially in this two-part because it’s her past and Maggie Shaw’s involvement. It’ll be interesting to see, legally, what comes down on her from the higher-ups of the NCIS.”

“I think for us, in the two-part, the main objective is getting her home safe and figuring out what she’s dealing with and helping her as best we can. But yeah, it’s a really good question anytime you go through an experience like that when you’re in it, it’s about survival and about taking out the threat,” Mills further added. “After, you might have the moment to look back on it and say, ‘I do have an issue with you disappearing and… not communicating because you’re putting us in a hard position.’ So I think there will be some bones to pick there and some pretty serious ramifications. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.”

Talking explicitly about season 3, the actor expressed his hope for the arrival of Jesse’s family. He said, “There are some major changes coming to season 3 and it will be a different dynamic, I’ll put it that way, at the beginning of season 3. And I’m sure there will be some uncomfortable adjustments and some new relationships that we’ll have to explore within season 3, which I think will be really fun and a little tense.”

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 3: When can we expect its release?
Credits: Instagram

To make more sense of the plot that Season 3 will carry forward, a replay of what transpired in Season 2 of NCIS: Hawai’i is imperative:

S2.E1 ∙ Prisoners’ Dilemma
Mon, Sep 19, 2022
Special Agent Tennant’s team, along with NCIS agents Nick Torres and Jessica Knight, learn about plans for an attack in Oahu on RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific); the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise.

S2.E2 ∙ Blind Curves
Mon, Sep 26, 2022
The team’s investigation leads to the world of illegal street racing after a Marine staff sergeant’s body is discovered in a junkyard. Tennant’s concerned Alex is hiding something from her, Whistler is anxious about introducing Lucy to her co-workers.

S2.E3 ∙ Stolen Valor
Mon, Oct 3, 2022
Tennant and the NCIS team suspect foul play when they investigate a fatal car crash involving a Navy officer who turns out to be an impostor. Whistler finds herself in danger when she goes undercover to learn the truth behind the accident.

S2.E4 ∙ Primal Fear
Mon, Oct 10, 2022
When a Navy sailor washes up dead in a sacred, forbidden kapu site, the NCIS team brings CGIS Special Agent Pike to unmask the mystery and catch a possible serial killer on the island. Also, Tennant meets Alex’s new girlfriend.

S2.E5 ∙ Sudden Death
Mon, Oct 17, 2022
The NCIS team investigates the death of a Navy sailor and goes head-to-head with a ruthless local criminal organization. Also, Lucy is looking for a new apartment.

S2.E6 ∙ Changing Tides
Mon, Oct 24, 2022
A Marine Corporal dies in a tide pool after being exposed to fentanyl, the NCIS team must quickly find the source of the drugs. Alex talks to his parents about taking a gap year and Ernie reveals personal news to Lucy.

S2.E7 ∙ Vanishing Act
Mon, Nov 14, 2022
When the mother of a young boy goes missing, the NCIS team sets out to find him and learns they aren’t the only ones searching for him

S2.E8 ∙ Curtain Call
Mon, Nov 21, 2022
A naval officer is murdered while moonlighting in community theater, the NCIS team recruits a familiar face to help lead them to a ruthless international killer. Kai enlists Whistler to investigate an old friend turned criminal.

S2.E9 ∙ Desperate Measures
Mon, Dec 5, 2022
Commander Chase is abducted from her home by an Army Ranger accused of murder, the NCIS team must act quickly to find her.

S2.E10 ∙ Deep Fake
Mon, Jan 9, 2023
In Washington D.C. to celebrate the retirement of a former professor. NCIS agents are forced to investigate the professor’s suicide. Tennant, Jimmy Palmer, and Sam Hanna are kidnapped, and it all ties into the mysterious suicide.

S2.E11 ∙ Rising Sun
Mon, Jan 16, 2023
When Special Agent Pike is ambushed while working undercover with a local Japanese crime family, the team must find the person responsible for orchestrating the attacks.

S2.E12 ∙ Shields Up
Mon, Jan 23, 2023
When an elite special forces Marine captain is murdered, the NCIS team finds a suspect in a really unusual place.

S2.E13 ∙ Misplaced Targets
Mon, Feb 6, 2023
Following a close call at a meth lab explosion, the NCIS team learns one of their own is being targeted. Lucy gets her first big case aboard her aircraft carrier.

S2.E14 ∙ Silent Invasion
Mon, Feb 13, 2023
When the murder of a captain and his wife echoes a previous case, the NCIS team brings in a former team member to help determine if they are dealing with a copycat killer.

S2.E15 ∙ Good Samaritan
Mon, Feb 27, 2023
A Navy deserter accidentally comes out of hiding, and his family becomes a target which drives the NCIS team and Charlie 1 to investigate who is after them. Lucy surprises the team by returning to Hawai’i from her agent afloat job early.

S2.E16 ∙ Family Ties
Mon, Mar 13, 2023

When some Naval Officers are the victims of a prank, the team investigates. They suspect they are dealing with someone who commits petty thefts and posts them. They eventually learn a Naval aviator might be connected to their target and learn it’s his son. Later the father is attacked and they wonder why. Whistler is trying to get a CI to fulfill his end of their deal, but the Guy is asking for something Whistler can’t give. And their op might not Go through. And Alex informs Tennant he made a life-changing decision.

S2.E17 ∙ Money Honey
Mon, Mar 20, 2023
Milius returns and asks Tennant to protect a girl who has info on an arms dealer the FBI and DOD want to arrest. Kai and Jesse are assigned, and all she does is shop, but it seems apparently That she has something else in mind. Kai tries to reason with her. Milius also reveals he was the one who got Alex into Annapolis. So he meets with her and Daniel, which causes tension.

S2.E18 ∙ Bread Crumbs
Mon, Apr 10, 2023
When Tennant interrogates a suspect during his helicopter transfer and the helicopter crashes, she must utilize her skills to save herself and the other passengers.

S2.E19 ∙ Cabin Fever
Mon, May 1, 2023
After the mysterious death of an astronaut in a highly sensitive Mars simulation, the NCIS team must send Ernie into the habitat to investigate alone.

S2.E20 ∙ Nightwatch Two
Mon, May 8, 2023
When Lucy receives a strange call on night watch from a man admitting to murder, the NCIS team sets out to find him.

S2.E21 ∙ Past Due
Mon, May 15, 2023
The discovery of a dead former MI6 agent uncovers secrets from Tennant’s past, forcing her to go to extreme lengths to track down the responsible party.

S2.E22 ∙ Dies Irae
Mon, May 22, 2023
The discovery of a dead former MI6 agent uncovers secrets from Tennant’s past, forcing her to go to extreme lengths to track down the responsible party.

As production for the new NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 commences, more updates on the plot will surface, and we shall update you on the same. So stay tuned!

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Addition: A Much Awaited Announcement

NCIS Hawaii

Here is the moment you have been waiting for. We have an announcement that will knock your socks off regarding a confirmed addition to the Season 3 cast. LL Cool J. The American rapper made a surprise cameo as Sam in the season 2 finale. Although a lot of people thought it was just a one-off appearance, TVLine reported back in May 2023 that the rap legend and actor has now become a part of the series in a guest-starring role. Speaking on this surprising addition,

“All of us at NCIS: Hawai’i has been huge fans of LL Cool J for years and couldn’t be more thrilled or honored to be adding his spectacular talent to our ohana for season three,” executive producers Matt Bosack, Jan Nash, and Christopher Silber said in a statement.

“One of the most beautiful things about working on NCIS: Hawai’i is the show’s ability to bring the franchise together. We have had so much fun spreading the aloha to NCIS and NCIS: LA with the triple crossover. Now, we have the amazing opportunity to bring Sam Hanna to Hawai’i to help the island solve some cases and maybe have a few laughs in the process. Welcome to the ohana, Todd! It’s going to be a fun ride!” Lachey added.

How did they work his entry into the franchise? Take a look! In the NCIS: Hawai’i sophomore finale, Jane and Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) were in an intense gunfight in Caracas, Venezuela, after discovering adversary Adrian Creel (Jay Ali), long thought to be dead following a car bomb set off by Tennant and her CIA mentor Maggie Shaw (Julie White), was actually alive and looking for revenge.

Things weren’t looking good for Tennant and Whistler until a sniper shot struck one of Adrian’s minions. The person behind the shot was none other than Sam Hanna, who made his way over from Morocco where he was last seen on NCIS: Los Angeles. Sam promised Tennant she always has “people looking out for her,” telling her, “If you need anything else, you got my number.”

Lachey referenced the three-show NCIS crossover in January 2023 — the first time she and LL Cool J shared the screen — as a precursor to him coming aboard for Season 3. “We have had so much fun spreading the aloha to NCIS and NCIS: LA with the triple crossover. Now, we have the amazing opportunity to bring Sam Hanna to Hawai’i to help the island solve some cases and maybe have a few laughs in the process,” the actress and executive producer said. “Welcome to the ohana, Todd [Smith, LL Cool J’s real name]! It’s going to be a fun ride!”

Lachey’s co-star Noah Mills, who plays her right-hand man Jesse Boone, hinted as much. He teased “major changes coming” for the team in Season 3, perhaps a nod to the added presence of Sam Hanna. “It will be a different dynamic, I’ll put it that way, in the beginning of Season 3,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight in May 2023, noting “[Tennant’s] past and some of her emotional decisions do put other people in jeopardy and do pull us out of our job description. It’ll be interesting to see, legally, what comes down on her from the higher-ups of the NCIS.”

So buckle up for a rough ride in Season 3!

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3: Episode Count And Where To Watch

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 3: When can we expect its release?
Credits: Instagram

In most instances, the Season will be given a 21 to 22 episode count with an average duration of 39 to 44 minutes for a third season, which will be premiering on a weekly basis. However, due to the ongoing strikes and pressure for budgetary cuts, the new season might be a shorter version with 15-18 episodes.

There is another alternative to compensate for the few episodes the network can opt to make the fourth season (if renewed) a supersized one, which will make the fans satisfied and the network consistent with the series plotlines and character arcs without compromising much with the quality of content being produced.

You can catch NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 and 2 on the following streaming platforms:

  • Paramount+
  • FuboTV
  • Netflix

The viewers can also stream the series by renting or purchasing the following:

  • Vudu
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • iTunes
  • Google Play

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Official Trailer: Is It Out Yet?

Since there is no official announcement regarding the release date for Season 3, we do not yet possess the trailer. However, as the production commences and we etch closer to the premiere date, teasers, first looks, and official trailers will be released for the same, and we will surely update it here. In the meantime, check out the trailer for NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 instead:

Official #NCISHawaii Trailer 2 One family. One team.

For more updates, stay tuned to Web News Observer and turn on your post notifications.