NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14: CBS sets release dates for the two-part series finale

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14: CBS sets release dates for the two-part series finale
Credit: CBS

The journey to the final episodes of this beloved series is officially underway! Continue reading to find out more.

One of the NCIS franchise’s most beloved squads is officially bidding goodbye after 14 successful seasons! There is a bittersweet feeling among the fandom, but it appears that the series’ end is for the best. To be honest, right now, it seems like the perfect time to wrap up all of the character arcs without elongating them unnecessarily.

We have to give the network its due props, as it is a bold move by the show creators to end the show. Despite it being a top charter for the CBS catalog, especially when the 2023-24 broadcast season has been very exciting for the last three months alone!

If you recall, it was previously announced that the series finale would air on Sunday, May 14, 2023, on CBS and later on Paramount Plus. Recently, Deadline confirmed that the series finale has been shifted and expanded to a two-hour event, which is far more exciting for the fans to get a laid-out schedule rather than premiering it as a single-night event. 

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14: CBS sets release dates for the two-part series finale

Much to the viewer’s delight, the first part of the season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles will air Sunday, May 14, 2023, at 10-11 p.m. with the second part premiering next week Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 9-10 p.m. on CBS and later on Paramount Plus. 

The two-part finale, titled “New Beginnings, Part 1 and Part 2,” will focus on the riddle of a missing agent and the ATF enlisting the assistance of the elite NCIS. They will be charged with finding not only the missing agent but also the stolen military-grade weaponry. While we know what to anticipate in Part 1, details about Part 2 are being kept under wraps. Among other plotlines, the finale will see Sam press his father to participate in the drug study, Callen and Anna complete their wedding plans and Jordyn (Rountree’s sister) interview for medical school.

Moreover, Speaking to, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill admitted that the fact that the show has been running for 14 seasons has made it “more difficult” to craft a satisfying ending, “because there’s so much expectation, and how do you live up to that?” His solution was to approach the series finale “character by character” and try to put everyone in “a very good place in their lives” by the time the show ended. “And hopefully the fans will be pleased. “I think the final scene is a lot of fun and hopeful.”

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14: When will the next episode premiere on CBS?

The 16th episode, simply titled, “Sleeping Dogs,” is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, March 26, 2023, at the same time slot of 10:00 PM, leading out of 60 Minutes, The Equalizer, and East New York after one week’s hiatus. The episode is directed by Gonzalo Amat and written by Andrew Bartels. The official synopsis states, “When the NCIS team receives a cryptic, urgent message, Fatima and Rountree must work together to solve the case; Kilbride plans to visit his son; Callen asks Sam to be his best man.”

NCIS: Los Angeles stars  Chris O’Donnell as Grisha “G.” Callen, Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye, Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Deeks, Medalion Rahimi as Fatima Namazi, Caleb Castille as Devin Roundtree, Gerald McRaney as Hollace Kilbride, and LL Cool J as Sam Hanna, The series is created by Shane Brennan who equally serves as an executive producer. Other producers include Gemmill, John P. Kousakis, Frank Military, Kyle Harimoto, and Andrew Bartels.

Apart from the CBS network, all the previous seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles are currently available to watch on Paramount+ and FuboTV. The viewers can also stream the series by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preference of the users. On the other hand, the series is also available to stream for free on Pluto and NBC based on the viewer’s location. 

Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for NCIS: Los Angeles series finale to premiere on CBS.