NCIS Season 20 Premiere Photos: Here’s a sneak peek into the new season

NCIS Season 20: Take a look at some exclusive premiere photos
Credit: CBS

Catch a little sneak peek at the forthcoming season. Continue reading to learn more about NCIS Season 20.

We are only nine days away from the official release of NCIS Season 20, and these newly released pictures for the next season are hyping up the fandom more than ever. These new images will definitely help the viewers get an idea about the episodes and the characters’ plotlines, which reflects on the official synopsis for the premiere episode of NCIS Season 20.

“Following the cliffhanger Season 19 finale, with Special Agent Alden Parker still on the run with his ex-wife Vivian, the team investigates who from his past might have a personal vendetta against him in hopes of clearing Parker’s name. Enlisting the help of Special Agent Jane Tennant and computer specialist Ernie Malick, who are in town meeting with director Leon Vance in preparation for a global military exercise, the group tracks down their prime suspect, “The Raven.”

NCIS Season 20: Take a look at some exclusive premiere photos

The first image shows Torres and Knight sitting together as they’re staring at what appears to be a phone; does it hold insights into what’s going on here? Many questions like, “What possible scenario could have tensed them?” or “Has something happened to another cast member?” are the ones that are tricking the minds of NCIS fans.

It is clear, as both of them seem tense and are certainly going to be crucial in determining where the plot from the crossover episode will lead into the respective series. After all, this is NCIS we are talking about, and a little bit of drama is expected to be incorporated into the episodes.

NCIS Season 20: Take a look at some exclusive premiere photos

In the second image, we see that there is a chance for Nick Torres and Jane Tennant to hang out together. The snapshot above from the premiere is interesting, and we have so many questions about what is going on. Many fans have been thinking could Tennant be a positive influence on Nick? After all the things that he has been through in the prior episodes. We believe so, and he requires all of the resources available to him right now as this is a man definitely struggling and coping with a variety of issues, whether it’s from Bishop’s departure, his recent binge drinking, or the stress of the job.

As seen in the images, executive producer Steven D. Binder’s statement to Parade holds truth, that viewers will learn more about the agents’ personal lives rather than the team solely working on cases, is absolutely correct, stating, “We’ll be seeing their non-work life a little more. I think one of the cores of the show is the cases. The show’s called NCIS, it’s about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. But anyone who watches the show knows that it’s really about the people on the show,” Binder explained.

Further adding, “I always tell the new writers, your cases have to work, they need to be funny, they need to be interesting, they need to be in a new arena, they need to be clear, they need a twist, and they need to be exciting to the end. And nobody cares about any of it. What they care about are the people on the show and their history. So, you’ve got to get that straight so we can then dance in the realm that people care about.”

NCIS Season 20: Take a look at some exclusive premiere photos

When will NCIS Season 20 premiere on CBS?

NCIS will return for a new season on CBS, which is set to premiere on Monday, September 19, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and once again, the excitement for the new episodes has left viewers with a lot of expectations for the drama and action, leading to increased hype and speculation around the 20th season. NCIS will continue to air on Monday nights, as it did in Season 19, and will serve as the lead-in to its latest spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i. 

The official Twitter handle of NCIS also shared the update among its followers on September 7, 2022, quoting, “Check out this epic new art for #NCIS season 20! Anyone else counting down the days until September 19?” Take a look at the official post below:  

NCIS Season 20 Official Promo

The official promo of the upcoming season was released on September 1, 2022, with the tagline stating, “Get ready for the return of NCIS Season 20 and NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 with the special two-hour crossover premiere event on September 19th on CBS.”

The official promo for NCIS Season 20 did not disclose any story ideas, instead implying that the first episode will take up right where last season’s Raven-centric cliffhanger left off. Take a look at the official promo below:

NCIS & NCIS: Hawaii Premiere Crossover Event Promo (HD)

Where can you stream NCIS?

NCIS is currently available to watch on Paramount+, fuboTV, and Netflix. The viewers can also stream the series by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preference of the users.

Moreover, the series is also available to watch exclusively on CBS’s official website, where the episodes are published after they air on the channel on Mondays in the 9/8c time slot. You are able to stream NCIS for free on Pluto and CBS based on the viewers’ location. 

NCIS Season 20: Take a look at some exclusive premiere photos

Catch up on previous seasons while you wait for NCIS Season 20 to premiere on CBS.