NCIS Season 21: When will the writing process begin?

NCIS Season 21 is not coming in 2023
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The echo of a loud gunshot airing in the background of NCIS season 20 is still resonating in the minds of the fans in the form of whirling questions: Is someone dead? Will Torres get his revenge? Will he identify himself as a cold-blooded murderer? Who pulled the trigger? Does this mean that NCIS season 21 will seal the fate of the show?

Unable to arrive at a conclusive answer, fans were left anticipating for the latest installment to arrive. However, this was exacerbated by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which continued for several months, postponing the production schedules of all the broadcast and OTT shows and movies. But that was for a good cause, so no complaints here.

Is NCIS Season 21 new tonight?

Now that the WGA union has arrived at a fair deal with the authorities a lot of production houses are expecting the work to begin and the cameras to roll as soon as possible. Does that mean we will be able to watch NCIS season 21 soon?

Here’s what we know so far.

NCIS Season 21: When will the writers resume their work?

In May, when the WGA strike was commenced by the writers’ union, everyone expected that it would be appeased in a week or two. However, they did not only prove everyone wrong by going on a strike for approximately five months, but they also arrived at a fair deal. On September 27, 2023, they officially announced the end of their strike.

In July, they were joined by the actors’ coterie, which is still on strike. Currently, their negotiations are underway. Now that the writers’ strike is over, the production houses are preparing to begin work on the halted shows as soon as possible. Per Deadline, the entire NCIS writing team will begin their work by early next week.

NCIS Season 21 Release Date: Will we get any news this fall?

As much as exhilarating this piece of news sounds to us, we must also remember that the actors’ strike is ongoing. So, even if the scripts get ready by the end of this year, the cameras won’t start rolling before the actors’ strike officially announces the end of their strike.

Hopefully, if the actors’ strike ends by 2023, we can expect NCIS Season 21 to premiere in the first quarter of 2024. We hope the upcoming installment solves the mystery of the gunshot.

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