NCT 127 members reveal they were once mistaken for BTS abroad

NCT 127
Credit: Twitter

NCT 127 members mentioned BTS briefly during one of their recent live sessions, all the while sharing stories from Colombia. During the course of the conversation, NCT’S Jungwoo revealed that whenever they went somewhere out to eat, they were recognized as ‘another group’ (implying BTS). When asked if it was the Bangtan Boys, Jungwoo tried to avoid admitting the name. However, fellow members Mark and Johnny compelled Woo to continue his story.

The revelations

NCT 127 member Mark said, “No but I just thought it was like cute and funny how we went to drink tequilas and one of the servers mis-recognized us, and then they gave us more drinks as service.” On the other hand, Taeyong stated, “In that case, you should thank that one group.” Mark further added, “Well it wasn’t just that but that server was just very friendly with us in general and had good service.”

NCT Dream
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However, this brief did not go well with a few BTS fans as they were offended by the band being referred to as ‘that group.’ This even led to an all-out war on social media between NCT 127 and BTS fans. However, a few other netizens came to NCT’s rescue and defended the group members.

Recent announcements

SM Entertainment, the agency associated with NCT 127, recently confirmed the comeback date for the K-pop group. The idols dropped an eye-catching poster schedule earlier on December 26, 2022. Not only that but they also gave a sneak peek of the new track list with three amazing songs – ‘Skyscraper’, ‘DJ’, and ‘Ay-Yo’. For the unversed, NCT 127 will be releasing the repackaged version of ‘Ay-Yo’ with the twelve other songs of the original album. It is supposed to be their fourth Korean-language studio album titled ‘2 Baddies’ and will be released on January 30, 2023.

Earlier updates

NCT 127’s Indonesian concert promoter has issued a public apology last year because of the disorder that caused the K-pop group’s ‘Neo City – The Link’ in Jakarta Show to get canceled midway. On November 4, 2022, the crowd-pushing incident during the group’s first show in Jakarta reportedly caused around 30 audience members to faint. The concert came to an abrupt end because of the uncontrollable situation.