Netizens mock Meghan Markle for starring in ‘cringey’ coffee ad as an ‘intern’

Meghan Markle reacts to the resurgence of Suits: “Isn’t that wild?”
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Meghan Markle has once again found herself under fire for her role in an Instagram ad for Clevr Blends coffee. In the video, the former “Suits” star, 42, played a diligent intern while CEO Hannah Mendoza gave the viewers a virtual tour of the company’s headquarters.

“I want to give a huge shoutout to our amazing Clevr team here at HQ. Without them, we are nothing,” Mendoza began. Mendoza praised the Clevr team, showing Markle “lovingly packing lattes” with the fulfillment crew, humorously noting, “They’ve been listening to Britney [Spears] on loop since 2002.”


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Meghan Markle stars as a nerdy intern in the ad

As Mendoza highlighted different departments, the Duchess of Sussex was seen typing at a computer. “[Here is] our very smart, only slightly nerdy digital team, making sure the website doesn’t crash again like it did last year,” Mendoza continued.

The ad continued with Mendoza showcasing the digital team, playfully referencing website issues from the past. Markle handed her a cup of coffee as Mendoza hailed the ops team for their role in the success of 2023. “Finally, the glue that literally holds us all together,” Mendoza said. “Our incredible, resilient ops team that have helped make 2023 such a big success.”

The ad wrapped up with a visibly busy Markle attempting a fist bump, fumbling the gesture, laughing it off, and walking out of the frame, creating a light-hearted moment.

Netizens trolled Markle for her role

Numerous Instagram users took to the comments section to criticize Meghan Markle for her role in a coffee ad. A user sarcastically remarked, “Guess this is her doing her 1 hour a week of work. From representing the late Queen to a packer. How the mighty have fallen. Love it.”

Another snarkily referred to her as the “Duchess [sic] of Instagram, what a fall from grace.” Several trolls labeled the cameo as “desperate” and “cringey,” with one disappointed critic expressing, “From palace to this.”

Conversely, some found entertainment in Markle’s appearance and praised her for returning to acting after a long hiatus. One supporter expressed, “The glue that keeps it all together. I’ve been glued to her since 2011 in her ‘Suits’ days ♥️.”

Another noted the “mighty familiar” worker, with a third writing, “Your HR department is doing a bang up job spotting talent! Another follower added, “The new hire deserves a raise and bonus and benefits. She is a multitasking Queen. Clearly.”

Markle eyes a return to Hollywood

Markle, a long-time consumer and investor in Clevr, also featured in one of the brand’s Instagram reels in February. The recent coffee ad aligns with rumors suggesting that the actress is “strategizing” a return to Hollywood, as per Page Six.

In a video where Markle is seen enjoying the product, CEO Hannah Mendoza shared, “Three years ago, everything changed. None other than Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had started drinking our lattes. Not only did she love the product, but she was extremely passionate about supporting female founders, our sustainable sourcing, and our food justice giveback. Meghan ended up becoming our first investor, adviser, and biggest Clevr advocate.”


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