Never Have I Ever: Check out the zodiac sign of your favorite character

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Never Have I Ever is a teenage drama series on Netflix. Recently, it released the last season of Never Have I Ever. To say on behalf of every fan, we would love to get another season cause it was fantastic and so relatable. If you have watched Never Have I Ever on Netflix, then you might have felt bad for Devi at least once. You might have loved how Kamla handled each and every situation with so much perfection. You might have related to Fabiola if you are a tech geek and Eleanor if you are a drama queen. 

Have you ever thought about the zodiac signs of your favorite characters? We found a resemblance between each character for specific zodiacs out there. Let’s find out what are the zodiac signs of our beloved characters:

Devi – Gemini

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We know how intellectual the character Devi is. She has to be a Gemini. She is willing to try anything at least once and loves joining people on all kinds of adventures. At times, she is indecisive and impulsive. Also, she is quick to fall in and out of love as a typical Gemini. 

Ben – Aries

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Ben is always leading his path, which makes him a true Aries. He even gets frustrated by other people’s ignorance. Also, he comes off a little arrogant sometimes. He feared nothing but getting B on a test. The classic trait which makes him Aries is his fear of failure. 

Paxton – Sagittarius

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Paxton being a dreamy popular guy makes him a perfect Sagittarius. He’s ambitious, loves to enjoy his freedom, and is honest. He usually had trouble maintaining consistency, let it be in college or in relationships. But as a Sagittarius, he creates his destiny.

Kamla – Leo

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Leos are known to be generous and passionate, and that is so Kamala. Her independence, her relationships, and her behaviors scream Leo. She always kept her opinions forward. She was always protective of her family and her dreams like any other Leo.

Nalini –  Capricorn

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It’s clear that she loves her daughter, but she’s so ambitious in every aspect of her life that sometimes she has too much to deal with. Handling life changes doesn’t come easy to her, and she used to get a little impatient at times. Still, she remains persistent as any Capricorn would.

Fabiola – Libra

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Fabiola, like a typical Libra, thinks and cares too much about others. She is a people pleaser and finds it hard to confront anything to anyone. Let it be Devi or her family. She found it easier to sacrifice her happiness than to let them down.

Never Have I Ever has come a long way from dealing with teen emotions to dealing with grief. It perfectly represented how to deal with a loss, how to be confident being you, and how there are more than conventional ways to happiness in life. It also taught us the importance of maintaining friendships, families, and romantic relationships. 

No matter what zodiac these characters belong to, we will always cherish them.