Never Have I Ever Season 4: Is it coming to Netflix in September?

Never Have I Season 4: Is it coming to Netflix in September?
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Is Never Have I Ever Season 4 coming to Netflix in September?

It seems that the wait for the fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever is interminable. Ever since the release of Never Have I Ever Season 3, fans are holding their horses for the fourth season to drop on Netflix.

The good news is that season 4 has wrapped filming. However, this teen rom-com won’t be released on Netflix this September since the list of new movies, and show releases did not include Never Have I Ever Season 4. So, it seems we’ll need to wait some more to know Devi’s endgame.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 will certainly pick it up from where its predecessor left. In season 3, we have Daxton (Devi and Paxton) officially making their debut as a couple in school. It turns the entire school topsy-turvy, with Devi floating on cloud nine. However, things are not as good within Devi as seen without. She is dealing with her own set of insecurities concerning her relationship with Paxton and how people perceive them as a couple. While Devi is going through her emotional rollercoaster of life, something interesting is brewing in Ben’s life.

As Devi enters her senior year, the fourth season will uncover the mystery of the “free boink” that was heard around Sherman Oaks. But how long do we have to wait for this mystery to be solved? Who’s Devi’s endgame?

Never Have I Ever Season 4: What’s the update?

Never Have I Ever Season 4, as mentioned earlier, has wrapped filming in August 2022 since the production of this season began within a short period of wrapping season 3. This implies that season 4 could hit the streaming giant sooner than usual.

Given that the first season of the show premiered in April 2020, followed by the second season in July 2021 and the third season in August 2022, we are looking forward to season 4 release between April and July 2023. Never Have I Ever Season 4 is not expected to release in August 2023 since that would be an entire year after the season finished wrapping.

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Be that as it may, since the fourth season is the last season (*wipes tears*), an extension in the period between the releases seems like a possibility to peak the anticipation of the viewers.

Nevertheless, we hope for a spring 2023 release date, that is, sometime between April and May. Until then, you can re-watch seasons 1-3, which are available for streaming only on Netflix.

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