4 New anime to watch on Netflix in February 2023

New Anime to watch on Netflix in February 2023
Credit: Netflix

There’s a trend for anime series of late so much so that audience have loved the anime on Netflix that was offered by the streaming platform in 2022. Keeping up with the trend and the fans’ love for the genre, 2023 is not behind. Recently as the year began, we had bought you the list of best anime series that you can watch on Netflix.

Now let’s have a look at the anime that Netflix will bring in February 2023. Read on to know what’s in store for the month ahead.

New Anime to watch on Netflix in February 2023

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa (Season 1)

Coming in on the 1st of February on Netflix, the Japanese anime is the spinoff of the original Detective Conan. It’s titled Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa.

The plot is set in Beika Town, a place renowned for its high level of criminal cases. A dark shadow falls upon the town whose purpose is to kill a certain man. The person indispensable to “Detective Conan” is now the protagonist in the spinoff. Tights-clad and pure of mind, it’s none other than the Culprit Hanzawa.

If you had watched the original series, get ready to enjoy this one too.

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Make My Day (Season 1)

Make My Day is set to release on Netflix on February 2, 2023. According to Netflix’s official synopsis, “The snowy, ice-covered planet Coldfoot is home to a precious energy-rich ore called “sig.” On the surface, the planet seems to be a crime-free utopia, but in reality prisoners are used for back-breaking sig mining. Jim, a young prison guard, rushes to the site of a sudden mining accident to find a mysterious creature attacking the humans.”

The adaption of an original story by Yasuo Ohtagaki, the anime was first revealed at Geeked Week 2021, where we got a first-look picture of the surface of the planet on which the movie is set.

MAKE MY DAY - Netflix Anime Trailer

Aggretsuko (Season 5)

If you have loved Retsuko for the past four seasons, its now time to bid goodbye to her. We understand that fans of Aggretsuko  will be disappointed with the news to bid adieu to the world’s most adored death metal-loving Red Panda with the fifth and final season of the anime series.

It’s another day and another dollar for 25-year-old red panda Retsuko. Her humility and diminutiveness lead to her being exploited by her lazy colleagues. Be it the sexist and misogynistic remarks by her boss and getting annoyed by her condescending co-workers, Retusko has a unique way of relieving her stress which is singing death metal at her local Karaoke bar.

The fifth and final season of Aggretsuko is set to release on Netflix on February 16, 2023.

Aggretsuko Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Part 2)

Part 2 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys will see the next step in Ash’s journey. How the aspiring world champion take on even more challenges as he prepares to take on the world championships with his trustee Pikachu.

The series is expected to continue the adventures of Ash and Goh, with the former continuing to rise through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and the latter continuing his work on Project Mew.

Gear up for its release on Netflix on February 16, 2023.

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series | Available Now on Netflix