NewJeans’ Hyein seen walking with crutches amid recovery from foot injury

Hyein from NewJeans seen with crutches as fans express concern over her recovery
Credit: Hyein Instagram

NewJeans fans were distraught to see one of the group’s members, Hyein, with crutches.

Hyein is said to be on a temporary break because of the foot injury. As of now, she is said to be recovering from a microfracture to the top of her foot. Reportedly, this injury occurred during one of her practice sessions because of which Hyein temporarily suspended her promotion to undergo treatment.

What about the photo?

In a recent photo that is widely circulating all over the internet, the NewJeans member can be seen walking with crutches. Meanwhile. internet users and fans of Hyein wished her a speedy recovery while also expressing concerns about her health. A few of them also went on to criticize NewJeans’ agency for not properly taking care of Hyein. On the other hand, a few others said doctors often recommend using crutches even when the injury is healing if anyone gets a microfracture in the foot.

Earlier in May, the agency associated with NewJeans had also announced that Hyein would be away from the upcoming group activities so that she can focus on her health for some time.

Updates on NewJeans

The K-pop girls group released their double single “How Sweet” on May 24, which also marks their comeback this year. The album has not one but two different title tracks. NewJeans has already released some instrumental versions too.

Meanwhile, the group is all set to make their Japanese debut with yet another double single that will include four different tracks. These will be Supernatural, Right Now, and their respective instrumental versions.

The HYBE controversy

Recently, HYBE came under fire for allegedly restricting NewJeans’ double single “How Sweet” in 14 countries. Fans of the K-pop group were confused when they were not able to listen to the track on YouTube. Many of them took to social media to vent their anger on HYBE, which is already engaged in a feud with ADOR, the agency associated with NewJeans. According to a few fans, HYBE did the restriction stint on purpose because of the ongoing controversy. The agency, however, has denied the allegations.