Nicki Minaj drags Megan Thee Stallion in ‘Big Foot’ Diss Track

Megan Thee Stallion Nicki Minaj
Credits: Instagram

Nicki Minaj has unleashed the long-anticipated track “Big Foot,” where she appears to throw shade at former pal Megan Thee Stallion. The ‘Barbie Thingz’ rapper previously teased the track on her Instagram Live where she not only mocked Megan’s rapping skills but also referenced the 2020 shooting incident involving Tory Lanez.

In her scathing lyrics, Minaj spits, “Bad bitch, she like six foot, I call her Big Foot / The bitch fell off, I said, ‘Get up on your good foot,’” indicating to Lanez shooting Megan in the foot in 2020. Minaj further questioned the authenticity of Megan’s account of the incident, rapping, 

Nicki Minaj - Big Foot (Official Audio)

Nicki Minaj calls out Megan Thee Stallion

“[How’d] you get shot with no scar?” She fueled a conspiracy theory suggesting Megan’s injury wasn’t caused by the shooting, referring to her rival as a “glass fragment foot-ass bitch.” The track also delves into Megan’s sex life, with Minaj taking shots at her with lines like, “This lil’ beggin’ whore talkin’ ’bout Megan’s law / For a free beat, you could hit Megan raw,”

Minaj didn’t spare the men linked to Megan, alleging that she slept with French Montana and rapped “wanna party with DaBaby while rubbin’ on Tory [Lanez] toupe / I guess she needed [Moneybagg Yo] for them Trey Songz / She G-Eazy, Carl [Crawford] made her crawl for it.”

Minaj mocks Megan’s rapping skills

In the track, the “Chunli” rapper revisited the accusation that Megan allegedly attempted to pursue a romantic involvement with Kelse Nicole’s boyfriend—a claim initially made by Megan’s former best friend in the song “Bussin Back.” 

Minaj also used the track to mock Megan’s rapping abilities, asserting that Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine was her “ghostwriter.” Minaj went on to criticize Megan’s flow as monotonous, describing her as a “one-flow hoe.” 

Minaj’s ‘Big Foot’ is a response to Megan’s ‘Hiss’

“Big Foot” serves as Minaj’s response to a line in Megan’s recent release, “Hiss,” which dropped on Friday, January 26. In Megan’s track, she declares, “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law,” making a pointed reference to the federal law that mandates the disclosure of information about registered sex offenders to the public.

Notably, Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, is a registered sex offender with a 1995 conviction for attempted rape. In 2021, he pleaded guilty to failing to register as a s*x offender upon relocating to Los Angeles, subsequently receiving a sentence of three years of probation and one year of in-home detention.

Minaj voiced her displeasure toward Megan’s track on several social media platforms including X and Instagram. In a social media post, Minaj addressed various accusations, stating, “Y’all wanna bring up family members???!! And lying on your dead mother?!?!! Lied to Gayle [King]. Lied on & FUCKED your best friend man?!!!!!,” Minaj wrote via social media. “B!ch think she a bully cuz she get a Roc Nation brunch every year. Be mad @ PARDI!!!!!!!!!! He told all your tea but u taking shots at my family?”