North West posts cute throwback picture with daddy Kanye West on TikTok

North West Kanye West
Credit: Instagram

North West had a throwback Tuesday!

On Tuesday, February 27, North West, 10, took to her Tiktok account to post an adorable throwback picture of herself with her dad Kanye West, in which the young rapper included the photo in a selfie where she was seen showing off several other pictures of herself. Although the whereabouts of the old photo are not pretty much clear, it shows a lovely moment between the daddy-daughter duo where West is seen holding her up.

North shared the photo as the sixth one in the series of pictures, where most of them were just hers, but a few had her friends too. Making funny faces in some of these snaps, she captioned the post with a simple “lol,” adding the song “Tadow” by Masego and FKJ to the wholesome post. The photo, sitting on the table while North took a mirror selfie with her dad appeared to be in a frame labeled “Paris” on the top. North was seen wearing a pink headband and white top as she made a “peace” sign in the mirror. Both she and her dad wore black outfits, pairing them with wide smiles.

North West
Credit: Instagram

Aside from sharing selfies, North also enjoys expressing herself on social media. In February, she posted a video of herself dancing in a blonde wig, giving fans a glimpse of her new look, and around Valentine’s Day, she showcased a sparkly red and pink makeup look, painting her face in these colors for the holiday in another TikTok video.

Apart from being an active TikTok user, North has tried her hand at making music as well and she appeared as a guest on Yeezy’s latest album, Vultures. She contributed a verse on a track called “Talking/Once Again” from his album, which was in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. North’s verse was short, sweet and such a treat to the ears as she rapped, “It’s your bestie. Miss, miss Westie, don’t tryna test me / It’s gonna get messy / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me.”