North West’s mischievous antics in Kim Kardashian’s absence will win your heart

Kim Kardashian
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In the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian receives a surprising FaceTime call from her older daughter, North, who has a hot chocolate stand set up while her mom is away in Milan. The episode unfolds with a humorous exchange between Kim and North, shedding light on the busy and playful lives of the Kardashian-West kids.

A Mother’s Surprise from Milan

During the video call, Kim inquires about North’s hot chocolate stand, but she’s met with an unexpected twist. North proudly holds up burning sage, and Kim’s reaction is a mix of surprise and concern as she realizes that her daughter is burning sage in the house. In response, North gleefully reports that they’ve made around $300 from their hot chocolate stand, which clearly indicates the extent of their entrepreneurial spirit.


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Motherly Concern

Kim, still taken aback by the burning sage, advises her daughter against having a fire indoors, displaying her maternal instincts. North playfully waves the sage in front of the camera and tells her mother to leave the house. She concludes the call with a cheerful, “Okay, bye!” Kim’s parting words are a mix of motherly concern and a reminder not to make a mess.

Playful Parenting

In a confessional moment, Kim expresses her realization that her kids seem to be having the time of their lives in her absence, essentially taking over the house. She humorously remarks that her kids couldn’t care less about her being away. Kim Kardashian, who shares four children, Psalm, Chicago, Saint, and North, with her ex, Kanye West, exemplifies playful and engaged parenting in her family dynamics.

Embracing Their Individuality

In a recent interview with CR Fashion Book, Kim Kardashian discussed her role as a mother and how she has come to appreciate her children as unique individuals. She shared that motherhood is both challenging and rewarding, with each of her children being distinctly different. Kim emphasized the importance of nurturing her children’s individuality and providing them with opportunities to explore their passions.

Kim’s One-on-One Time

Kim further revealed her approach to parenting by highlighting her efforts to spend one-on-one time with each of her children, exploring different cultures and embracing their interests. She gave an example of bonding with her son, Saint, through his love for soccer, attending games together and strengthening their connection through the sport. Kim’s parenting style is rooted in celebrating her children’s individuality and allowing them to be their authentic selves.