NSYNC reunites for new pop song release ‘Better Place’ after 20 years

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The 80s and 90s were a golden era for music, but most of the famous bands from them have either broken up or discontinued, making listeners wreak havoc, wondering if they will ever return. While popular bands like the Backstreet Boys have made a lukewarm comeback, it seems like NSYNC’s new chart-topping hit can be the real deal.

Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass all gathered together on Friday (Sept. 29) for the release of their upbeat new single, “Better Place.” But they have been leaving breadcrumbs for us way ahead of the release.

The group came together last week for a behind-the-scenes scrimmage on their reels, making ardent NSYNC fans frantic. The song marks the christening return of the legendary band since their 2002 release  ‘Girlfriend,’ featuring Nelly, and is a song for the upcoming movie Trolls Band Together.

A week earlier the group came together on the 2023 MTV Music Video Award to present the best pop song to Taylor Swift for her revolutionary music video ‘Anti-Hero.’


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‘Better Place’ carries a reminiscent essence of boy band music of the 80s and 90s, with an added oomph of disco pop beats. Each member shares enough singing time as they flaunt their evergreen voices, with Timberlake, 42, taking the lead in the chorus trilling, “I don’t mind that the world spins faster, faster, faster / Just let me take you to a better place/ ‘m gonna make you kiss the sky tonight / Yeah, if you let me show the way / I’m so excited to see you excited.” Although the 90s band had made reunion appearances before this while huddling up at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2018 and in honor of Timberlake’s Video Vanguard award at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

The return of the fivesome was marked earlier with the release of the trailer of Trolls Band Together, which released sneak peeks of the new incoming track, indulging the listeners in a guessing game.

While the band’s first indication of a new single dropping was on the 2023 MTV VMAs, the appearance was met by huge screams from the crowd, including Taylor Swift who later accepted the Moon Person from the band (as well as a few friendship bracelets). According to People’s reports, Swift exclaimed,

“Are you doing something? What’s going to happen now?” the thirty-three-year0old singer asked the “Bye Bye Bye” band on stage, “They’re going to do something and I need to know what it is!” Well Taylor, now you know!

Ever since this thrill-invoking moment, the band posted a series of sweet tweets and posts on social media keeping the fans on their toes and in anticipation of the release date of their new music video. Well, they have released the Official Audio of “Better Place” a few hours ago, so catch it here:

*NSYNC - Better Place (Official Audio)

On the day that this banger pop track was confirmed, Timberlake posted a heartfelt video of the group back in the studio again on Instagram. In the caption, the artist inked, “When the stars align… got my brothers back together in the studio to work on something fun and the energy was special. Better Place is coming 9/29 LOVE Y’ALL.”

With this stellar comeback, we hope that NSYNC thrives in their fame like they did in the 90s and continues bringing back their euphoric bangers!