October 2023 Star Brand Reputation Rankings unveiled: Know BTS and BLACKPINK’s positions

BTS: Yet to Come concert film set to stream on Prime Video
Credit: @bts_bighit Twitter

The Korea Business Research Institute has released the Star Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2023, offering a fascinating insight into the reputation of South Korea’s top celebrities.

These rankings are meticulously determined through a comprehensive analysis that considers various influential factors, such as media coverage, public engagement, consumer interaction, and community awareness indexes. The data collection spanned from September 29 to October 29, providing an up-to-date representation of brand reputation within the entertainment industry.

Son Heung Min: The Ace Athlete Claims the Crown

In a surprising yet well-deserved twist, football sensation Son Heung Min secured the top spot in the Star Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2023. He achieved an impressive brand reputation index of 9,829,139. Widely recognized as a forward for the Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung Min also leads the South Korea national football team as their captain. His exceptional skills and dynamic presence continue to resonate with fans, propelling him to the pinnacle of these rankings.

Lim Young Woong: A Resounding Musical Presence

Occupying the second spot in the rankings is Lim Young Woong, boasting a brand reputation index of 8,518,029. Lim Young Woong is a versatile South Korean artist celebrated for his contributions to ballad, pop, and trot music. His enduring influence in the music scene has solidified his position as a beloved artist with a dedicated fan base.

K-pop Royalty: BTS Claims Third Place

Global K-pop phenomenon BTS makes its presence felt by clinching the third position in the rankings with a brand reputation index of 7,920,754. With their captivating music, compelling performances, and unwavering fan support, BTS continues to exert a powerful impact on the entertainment industry both in South Korea and around the world.

Lee Kang In: Surging to Fourth Place

Lee Kang In, an accomplished footballer who serves as the attacking midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, experienced a remarkable 98.55 percent surge in his brand reputation index since September, landing him in the fourth spot with a score of 6,556,810. His impressive performance has not gone unnoticed, further solidifying his stature in the world of football.

BLACKPINK: A Dynamic Fifth Position

BLACKPINK, the iconic K-pop girl group, secures fifth place with a brand reputation index of 6,316,520. The group, known for its captivating music and mesmerizing performances, witnessed a commendable 7.30 percent increase in its brand reputation index since the previous month.

A Plethora of Influential Celebrities

In addition to the top 5 celebrities, the Star Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2023 feature an array of influential personalities from diverse fields, including music, entertainment, sports, and more.

Notable figures include NewJeans, IVE, IU, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, EXO, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Min Jae, Kim Ho Joong, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Baek Jong Won, NCT, Go Yoon Jung, Lee Chan Won, Lee Yoo Mi, Song Joong Ki, Kang Dong Won, Lee Jung Hoo, LE SSERAFIM, Young Tak, aespa, Park Ji Sung, Lee Dae Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Namgoong Min. These celebrities continue to impact their respective industries and maintain their positions of influence in the South Korean entertainment landscape.