OMG! Kim Kardashian wants to warn ex Kanye West’s wife Bianca; Here’s why

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

In the midst of recent tabloid reports surrounding Kim Kardashian’s feelings towards her ex-husband Kanye West and his alleged wife Bianca Censori, a source close to the reality mogul has clarified her true sentiments. This marks the second instance this week in which a source connected to the SKIMS founder has addressed such reports.

Kim’s Perspective on Bianca Censori

British tabloid Closer had claimed that Kim Kardashian was concerned about Kanye West’s influence over Bianca Censori and wanted to reach out to her with a warning. However, a source has now revealed to Page Six that this claim is far from accurate. According to the same source, Kim has no intention of contacting Censori. She firmly believes in allowing people to navigate their own journeys and life experiences without interference. The Kardashians star would never make the call to warn someone about their choices.

The Primary Concern: Co-Parenting

This source reiterated what other Kardashian insiders had previously told TMZ earlier in the week: Kim’s sole concern when it comes to Kanye West is “matters of co-parenting” concerning their four children. She has moved on from their past relationship and is fully focused on ensuring that their co-parenting relationship is as smooth as possible.

Well-Wishes for Kanye and Bianca

Page Six’s source emphasized that Kim Kardashian has genuinely moved on from her past with Kanye West. Her only desire for her ex-husband and his alleged wife is to wish them the best in their lives and endeavors. The statements from Page Six’s source provide a significant contrast to what another source had alleged to Closer. The Closer source claimed that Kim Kardashian was closely observing Kanye and Bianca’s relationship with concern, drawing parallels between it and her own past experiences with Kanye. This source suggested that Kim wanted to guide Bianca to stay true to herself and avoid being molded into someone else’s ideal.

Kim’s Perspective on Individuality

According to the Closer source, Kim Kardashian believes that all the fame and exposure in the world are not worth sacrificing one’s individuality to become someone else’s puppet. She reportedly feels a sense of responsibility to Bianca, desiring to impart wisdom and advice to help her maintain her authenticity.

Amidst tabloid speculation and contrasting sources, The Kardashian star’s stance remains clear: she is focused on co-parenting with Kanye West and wishes him and Bianca Censori the best in their personal journeys.