On My Block Season 5: Why was it canceled and more updates

On My Block Season 5
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Teenage friendships are the most memorable things in one’s life. They really define growing up for us. These pals become the basis of our life. Not because all stay, but because they do give us valuable life lessons and memories. Got preachy? Not any more. 

A show that entertained us for 4 seasons and is loved for its simplicity, On My Block, has got everyone talking. So much so that people are wondering where is On My Block Season 5. The reason is pretty simple, the characters are not the High School students we aspire to be; instead, they are as imperfect as we are. They have their crazy crushes, fangirl moments, maddening fights, and cute apologies to stay together.

Now, isn’t that what the audience wants sometimes? Something that gives us the jitters and butterflies but with a reality check. A show that gave many people hope and thoughts to go back to bed with, On My Block Season 5 is what people need right now. But is it ever happening?

Here is everything we need to know about On My Block Season 5.

On My Block Season 5

Will there be Season 5 of On My Block?

Unfortunately, no. On My Block Season 5 was canceled, and Season 4, which aired back in 2021, was officially the last season of the series.

Why was On My Block Season 5 canceled?

The four seasons were indeed a rollercoaster. The show ended on its promise to not return. The Season 4 finale gave all the answers, and nothing was left to be explored in a new season. This might be one of the reasons why On My Block Season 5 was canceled or not at all planned. It was sad when the show bid adieu even on the social media handles. 

The news was upsetting for the fans as they did not want to lose the nostalgic touch of real relatable friendships, and rightly so because the show has been coming out one season after the other since 2018 and has a crazy IMDB rating of 8/10 which also proves how the Spanish industry has now been setting the bar high. But they did not know that there were other plans, which again, can be one of the reasons behind why there was no On My Block Season 5.

A spin-off series, by the name Freeridge, is what makers have in mind. Exciting and relieving, right? This series will have 4 new people coming to the same locality and having newer challenges to face. This would make an interesting watch, wouldn’t it? 

Do we have updates on Freeridge?

The new spin-off series has already excited the fans as they have high expectations already. The new show will be more female-centric and will begin filming between May and July. This keeps fans on the edge as they are no more entirely upset about the ordeal.

Recap of On My Block

On My Block Season 5

Four friends, four lives get entwined in this High School in Los Angeles. There is all that you can imagine, and not as well. You can say romance between characters, broken high school relationships, crushes, fests, career issues, drinks, problems; they have done it all. There are breakups, patch-ups, parents who have problems, and even death as we proceed in the seasons. While the first season focuses on how the bond is formed, the further seasons see the closeness and ability to fight a crisis and get through challenges as friends. This show truly defines the quote ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. 

On My Block Cast

On My Block Season 5

  • Sierra as Finnie
  • Diego Tinoco as Caesar
  • Jason as Ruby Martinez
  • Brett Gray as Jamal
  • Jessica Marie as Jasmin
  • Julio as Oscar
  • Ronnie as Olivia
  • Danny as Mario

The core cast has remained constant over all the seasons, and the fandom for them has only been at a high over these years.

Where to watch On My Block?

This Spanish show dubbed in English is exclusively available on Netflix. There are 10 episodes per season that go up to an hour.