On the Verge Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

On the verge season 2
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Will we ever get to see another season of On the Verge? Is On the Verge Season 2 happening? These are some questions that almost every fan of this comedy-drama series has had in their mind since the end of the first season. It debuted in September of last year and ran for 12 episodes. The L.A. set half-hour series was a co-production between Canal+ and Netflix, with the former releasing it in France and Netflix distributing it in the rest of the world.

The story follows four female friends in their late 40s who chose to use midlife not as in time for mourning and missing their youth but as an opportunity for personal reinvention and adventures with the hope of finally living lives on their own terms.

Here’s everything you need to know about On the Verge Season 2.

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Will there be Season 2 of On the Verge?

The comedy series On the Verge has been canceled by Netflix and Canal+ after one season, according to its creator and star, Julie Delpy.

Delpy broke the news in the comments section of one of her recent Instagram posts. When a fan asked for an update on On the Verge Season 2, Delpy said that the show had been canceled, though its distributors “forgot to announce it was canceled.”

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When asked on Marc Maron’s podcast about On the Verge Season 2 in October 2021, Julie Delpy said: “Yeah, waiting to hear, I never wait to hear. Because I don’t like that position and I’ve been in that position as an actress, I wait to hear. So, I wrote a new script to do in France, a really fun movie to do with my dad, a French film.”

The second season of On the Verge is canceled as of now, but here’s the trailer for the first season if you haven’t watched it yet.

Check out the trailer below:

On the Verge | Official Trailer | Netflix

What could have been the story of On the Verge Season 2?

In the first season, we explore the different situations of the protagonists. Justine believes she can no longer bear her husband’s coldness and wants to leave him after having an affair with a passionate Argentinean chef in San Francisco.

Yasmin completes her government duty to spy on her husband, William (Timm Sharp), and once again feels aimless. Anne resolves to sever relations with her domineering mother, and as a result, she loses her allowance. The second season had a lot of stories to tell, only if it was renewed. We could have seen if Justine and Francisco’s culinary romance would have prospered, or they have to face more obstacles. Also, how the other characters try to navigate their ways through the complex situations would have been very interesting to watch, but sadly, there will not be a second season of On The Verge. So, all these speculations and predictions are baseless.

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Who would be in the cast of On the Verge Season 2?

The following characters were expected to return for a second season if at all it happened.

Delpy as Justine, a French chef, married Martin (Mathieu Demy), an out-of-work architect.

Sarah Jones, as Yasmin, a once-prominent feminist and activist, is now languishing after leaving the workforce to raise her son Orion.

Elizabeth Shue as Anne, the heiress whose family money supplements her work as a designer.

Alexia Landau, as Ell, is the only single mother in the group.

This was a show with many people. One is Timm Sharp. Another is Christopher Convery. There are others, like Giovanni Ribisi and DhruvUday Singh. Jayden Haynes-Starr, Duke Cutler, Troy Garity, and Kai, also had significant roles in the first season. They were expected to appear in the second season, too, which now stands canceled.

How many episodes are there in On the Verge?

On the Verge has 12 episodes in total that run for about 28 and 35 minutes each.

Where to watch On the Verge?

On The Verge is available to watch on Netflix.