Oscars 2022: Cast of Disney’s Encanto performs on We Don’t Talk About Bruno; Watch video INSIDE


Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the number-one hit song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

If in our growing years, one thing that was common among all of us was watching animation. And there can be no denying it. And now it’s a no-brainer that many animated films have brief moments of enthusiasm or stories that only grown-ups can enjoy, creating a fantastic experience for those who have already seen them. 

Encanto is one of those films that had us grinning and had a fantastic story that many connected with more profoundly. Encanto is not just one of the best Disney movies but one of the strongest animated films in a long time, from its bopping music to the colors to the representation. 

The film has taken the country by storm, and fans were treated to a live performance on the hit single We Don’t Talk About Bruno at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. This song has risen to prominence on the charts due to fans’ repeated viewing and listening to it, so this is exciting news!

The talented cast includes Adassa, Stephanie Beatriz, Mauro Castillo, Carolina Gaitan, and Diane Guerrero, and this will be the first time the group sings together for fans of the movie. 

While not nominated for an Oscar Original Song, We Don’t Talk About Bruno has undeniably impacted audiences. Encanto’s Dos Oruguitas is nominated for Best Original Song.

Encanto should win some of the big awards it’s up for because it’s one of the best animated films out there right now.

Miranda captured magic with the music that brought the Madrigal family to life, and the miracle of Encanto isn’t limited to the film. It says that many people are falling in love with this soundtrack, and we absolutely cannot wait to see how the entire cast performs together. 

The film dominated every musical chart and the hearts of fans eager to see much more of Mirabel and the Madrigal family. In response, Encanto director Jared Bush did hint at a future movie in a series of Twitter posts. 

Jared Bush took to Twitter to reply to fans who requested more Encanto content. In response to these queries, Bush tweeted,

Encanto is available for streaming on Disney+.