Our Father: Release date, trailer, plot and more about the Netflix documentary on a sinister fertility specialist

Our Father
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Never hide anything from your doctor and lawyer. Most of us have heard this adage. They say hiding things from your doctor could make your way to heaven. But what if the doctor is the one who goes and stabs you behind your back? Who fools you for years together and makes you question your existence? Sounds shocking, right? More so because at a time when doctors are tagged as Gods, be it because of their ability to guard us against the pandemic or tackle the increasing problem of infertility, doctors can do it all.

And when it comes to infertility, couples many times do not want to even consider adoption. The reasons can be issues in deep-rooted cultures or the mere fact of having someone of your lineage. Instead, they want to take up artificial methods such as IVF to achieve the same. But what if we tell you there are scams taking place in that field as well now?

You read that right and a Netflix documentary, directed by Lucie Jourdan, is going to reveal such a scam. The documentary titled Our Father talks about the sinister plans of Dr. Donald Cline, a man who looks innocent but has ruined multiple lives.

Here is all we know so far about Our Father.

Our father

Our Father Release Date

Our Father is going to release on May 11, 2022, on Netflix.

Our Father Trailer

The trailer that came out on April 14, 2022, gives us shocking images and has already garnered more than 1 million views. The trailer does give us a hint that this documentary is going to be one of the best thriller documentaries on Netflix in 2022. 

Check out the trailer below, if you already haven’t:

Our Father | Official Trailer | Netflix

Our Father Plot

The trailer reveals some part of the plot and shows us a few users of a website called ancestry.com who come together and reveal a scam. One of the members wanted to take a DNA test because they wanted to know if they had brothers and sisters, something which is a common practice today. Little did they know that they have seven half-siblings and when they come together and find out who’s the father, they are shocked.

David Cline, the doctor who was the fertility specialist of their parents is the person who swapped his sperm with the fathers’ and impregnated the mothers without their knowledge or consent. Boils your blood? There’s more. Now he has multiple kids and these are just the seven of them who have spoken up.

Our father

We do not know how many more are there outside, maybe a hundred. What is more shocking is that this powerful and respectable man has been living a very casual life. 

Now, what is to be seen is how this malicious and sinister act of Dr. Cline gets unraveled by his children who can’t help but hope they don’t have many siblings, at least, not the ones they know or have dated.

While the film, and the trailer, definitely give unsettling vibes, it’s not new of Netflix to have come up with a true story that is both horrifying and chilling.

Our father 2

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