Ozzy Osbourne admits he used to pee his pants onstage: ‘I was wet anyway’

Ozzy Osbourne admits he used to pee his pants onstage: 'I Was Wet Anyway'
Credit: Ozzy Osbourne Instagram

The legendary Prince of Darkness has never shied away from making some shocking revelations in the past, and this time around, his latest confession has left fans both amused and bewildered!

Ozzy Osbourne, the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, is back after a five-year hiatus, and recently, he was a part of the second season of ‘The Osbourne Podcast’ which launched a month ago on September 12, 2023, where the Osbourne family as well as those who appeared on the show to reminisce about their experiences on the original running of the show, as the family reflects on what they enjoyed and disliked from the show.

Many of their die-hard fans regularly listen to the podcast, and much to everyone’s amazement, while tuning into Tuesday’s episode, the 74 rocker shocked his core audience by revealing that he used to pee his pants onstage, arguing that he was “wet anyway.” The grim revelation was made in the course of a discussion about a pair of Queen Victoria’s pants that had previously been sold at an auction with co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Jack Osbourne.

While Jack, 37, thought it was strange, Sharon, 71, agreed, saying that it was different than her owning a pair of Marilyn Monroe shoes. “Shoes, a handbag, a dress is different than somebody’s bloody knickers that they farted in and s- in,” argued Sharon, as her son wondered, “Who’s s-ting in their underwear?” Ozzy then jumped in with a joke about the late monarch, saying, “She was an old girl, she was probably incontinent. She owned continents, but she was incontinent.”

He went on to say that he wouldn’t be shocked if royals relieve themselves where they are during lengthy parades or other public events since he has seen it happen before. “When I was onstage, I used to go, ‘Oh, f- it,’ and just piss, ’cause I was wet anyway from throwing water around,” explained Ozzy, who is famous for spraying his audiences with buckets of water in between the shows. As the talk moved forward, the Osbournes also talked about their surprising hobbies, which ranged from treasured collections! 

For those who didn’t tune in to listen to the podcast, we can assure you that Ozzy kicks off the show with some of his hilarious and legendary shenanigans, such as the infamous ant-snorting escapade and secret Motley Crue encounters. The family then shared some of Ozzy’s fascination with air rifles and crucifix jewelry to Sharon’s royal memorabilia collection, Kelly’s adventures in mommy-and-me events, and Jack’s video game and gun obsession, uncovering what keeps the Osbournes utterly captivated. They discuss everything from on-stage urination to ADHD, art, and of course, cats, dogs, and poop. 

Later, the family also discussed a number of delicate subjects, including this past week’s revelation that both Sharon and Ozzy still have an assisted suicide pact in place after first revealing their agreement in The Talk alum’s 2007 memoir Survivor: My Story – The Next Chapter. On the podcast, Sharon explained that neither she nor Ozzy want to “suffer,”, especially after seeing her father, Don Arden, who was also widely known as “Mr Big”, the “English Godfather” and the “Al Capone of Pop,” passed away after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“I don’t want it to actually hurt. Mental suffering is enough pain without physical,” Sharon explained. “So if you’ve got mental and physical, see ya.” When daughter Kelly, 38, wondered, “But what if you could survive?” Sharon responded, “Yeah, what if you survived and you can’t wipe your own ass, you’re pissing everywhere, s-tting, can’t eat?”

Take a look at the official YouTube channel of The Osbourne Podcast below: 

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