Pachinko Season 2: Renewal status and everything you need to know about the Apple TV+ series

Pachinko Season 2
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Is Pachinko Season 2 in the works? Read on to find out.

Pachinko, a best-selling novel by the renowned author and journalist Lee Min Jin, was published in the year 2017. It is a historical fiction that traces the timeline of four generations of a Korean family who moves from one land to the other; they carry their own personal tales of trauma, heartbreak, survival, freedom, and their individual fight against fate. This book of enormous importance had been scripted into an American Television series, directed by Soo Hugh. Season 1 of this heart-wrenching family chronicle aired on March 25, 2022.

Since then fans have been speculating about the possibility of Pachinko Season 2 and what would it have on offer.

So, here’s everything we know so far about Pachinko Season 2.

Will there be a Season 2 of Pachinko?

Pachinko Season 2

Good news for fans all over the world. Pachinko has been renewed for a second season. The renewal came before the finale episode of Season 1 was even released, as reported by Deadline

Pachinko Season 2 Release Date

Since it’s been only a few weeks since the renewal came, it’s too early to ask for a release date for Pachinko Season 2. Even though no official date has been announced, it might be 2024 for Pachinko Season 2 to see the light of the day. No worries because something is better than nothing. To add to that both Hugh and Theresa Kang-Lowe, the executive producer, had affirmed a few more seasons of Pachinko.

Pachinko Season 2 Trailer

As aforementioned, it was not long before the series got its renewal, and expecting a trailer for Pachinko Season 2, at the moment, would be too much to ask for. So, we will have to wait and see when we get more details and a trailer for the new season.

Pachinko Season 2

Pachinko Season 2 Plot: What to expect?

It goes without saying that Pachinko has multiple blends of timeline and personalities. Season 1 was simply the scratch of the iceberg. In an interview with Deadline, the director has promised the development of various characters. They are mostly looking forward to the intricacies of relationships, the brotherhood of Mozasu and Noa. With the ‘stakes’ getting higher, Kang Lowe has shared, in the same interview, that ‘Season two it gets to an even greater place of epic-ness in scale’. The season will see a few new faces and many old faces. Lee Min Ho will be one of them.

Speaking to Deadline, co-creator Soo Hugh said, “I’m excited about three things in season two. In season two, Kyunghee (Eun-chae Jung) I think she comes into her own as just her own person and her own being, and she’s just one of my favorite characters in this story, so I would love, love to see that. The brotherhood between Mozasu and Noa, I think because they’re so young in season one, we don’t get a capture, but in season two, that brotherhood is just magical. Then season two, we see a reunion that is my favorite reunion in the book. If I said a name, that is a spoiler.”

Pachinko Season 1 Recap

Pachinko Season 2

The story revolves around Sunja, an indomitable woman who had been through the test of time as she travels from Korea to Japan and then to America. As she immigrates to an unknown land in the hope of surviving, she carries two barrels of kimchi along with her. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that, undoubtedly, makes an appearance in every Korean Drama.

The show is set in the time, 1920 when Japan was colonizing Korea. During this time, Sunja falls in love with a handsome stranger at the dock and soon she finds herself pregnant. She, also, comes to know that Hansu is a married man and therefore decides to marry a priest by the name of Isak. She gives birth to two sons after which Isak was arrested by the government over some political allegations.

Sunja, hopeful of her husband’s return, decides to sell kimchi at the dock in order to fend for herself and her sons. This simply paves the path of the indomitable Sunja who later moves to Osake to start anew, with the hope of a better life.

Pachinko Season 2

Season 1, which aired on March 25, had eight episodes and was streamed on Apple TV+. This trilingual series was well received and much appreciated by most of the audience while it was dealt with silence by Japan.

Hugh had once opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the huge effort that went behind the creation of this epic saga. It ranged from searching for the right casts across the world to getting the languages transcribed right. The open-ended finale of Season 1 has got the audience thirsty for more. Both the director and the producer had confessed, according to Variety, that only one solitary season could never do justice to the entire book. Therefore, Pachinko Season 2 has received the green light and preparations are in the process.

Pachinko Cast

Pachinko Season 2

  • Sunja– Youn Yuh-jung
  • Sunja (teenage) — Kim Min-ha
  • Kon Hansu — Lee Min Ho
  • Solomon Baek— Jin Ha
  • Naomi— Anna Sawai
  • Kyunghee— Jung Eun-chae
  • Baek Isak— Steve Sang-Hyun Noh
  • Mozasu— Sohee Park
  • Tom Andrews— Jimmi Simpson
  • Etsuko— Kaho Minami
  • Baek Yoseb— Han Joon-woo
  • Jiyun— Jeong So-ri
  • Mamoru Yoshii— Louis Ozawa Changchien
  • Yangjin— Inji Jeong

While Pachinko Season 2 can be far off, almost two years. But you can always read the novel by Lee Min Jin. If you are one of them who had not watched Season 1, you have ample time to catch up on the Apple TV+ series. Meanwhile, wait for the epic saga of Pachinko to return. Season 2 shall be all the more emotionally harrowing as each deals with their own reality.