Pennsylvanian restaurant owner shoots 15-year-old three times as he tried to steal from tip jar: Police say

15 year old teen shot
Credit: Pexels, Reference Picture

Proper usage of guns by their owners is something that comes loaded with the instruction manual when they register. Yet, somehow, when an unexpected incident goes off, they find themselves filled with adrenaline that leads them to shoot at someone without giving it much thought.

People reported that a restaurant owner has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault when he shot a teenager who tried to steal money from the tip jar. The Allegheny County Police Department said in a statement on Facebook, which was obtained by People, that “Mohammed Hamdan, 39, was arrested after he fired multiple shots at a 15-year-old male who entered his restaurant in Stowe Township, Penn., on Saturday.”

According to the surveillance footage retrieved by People from the restaurant, the teen was located entering the joint and was seen giving his order to Hamdan. After this, he was seen reaching over and grabbing the tip jar before turning around and walking toward the door. At this moment, Hamdan allegedly took his pistol and shot three times at the stranger who had his back towards him. Authorities say that they were informed of the shooting at 10 p.m. on Saturday, where after the initial calls, a call from the teenager’s mother also reached the authorities. Here, People reports via WTAE information that she told the authorities that her son was shot several times.

Citing authorities at the scene reported that the teen suffered two gunshot wounds on his right forearm and one on his right shoulder blade that ultimately fractured his bone. People reported that the injured teen was then taken to the UPMC Children’s Hospital. The police statement stated, “He is listed in stable condition. After reviewing surveillance recordings and speaking with witnesses, detectives found no evidence to suggest the male was armed or threatened Hamdan at any time,” adding, “Detectives consulted with the District Attorney’s office who approved charging Hamdan with aggravated assault. Hamdan was taken into custody this morning and is being held in the Allegheny County Jail pending his preliminary arraignment.”

On the pretext of a defense, Haman had reiterated to authorities, which they later reported, that the teenager had already entered the restaurant earlier with his brother, causing him to “expect them to try to steal from him,” upon which an investigation is underway. People have acquired information via CBS News that Hamdan has been released on non-monetary bail and that his preliminary hearing will take place on December 5.