Pete Davidson returns to Instagram and THIS person is the reason

Pete Davidson
Credit: Instagram

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 29-year-old comedian and actor Pete Davidson finally made a comeback on the popular platform Instagram. Not only that but he also made a joint account with the 41-year-old retired Giants quarterback, Eli Manning. Fans were quite elated as the duo shared multiple pictures and videos on the said joint Instagram account.


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Why the return?

If media reports are to be believed, Pete Davidson, who is a former SNL star, made the account as a part of much popular The Eli Manning Show. In the said episode, host Eli went on to fulfill Pete Davidson’s childhood wish because the two of them spent a day at his apartment. However, neither of them had an Instagram account of their own, which made them decide to create a joint account together to share their fun day with fans around the world.


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What was the debut post?

The debut post of Pete and Eli’s joint account featured a special video and selfie of the Saturday Night Live alum casually laying on his bed with Eli Manning. Not only that but he also records a video with his selfie camera while addressing the Instagram audience with the following statement, “Hello Instagram. I have decided to come back, but only with the GOAT.” Soon after, his partner Eli appears on the screen and is heard jokingly saying, “Your bed is so comfortable.”

The funny conversation continues with the former SNL star saying, “Aw, thanks, man. We’ve been having a great time on my bed.” The video ends on a fun note with Pete asking his audience to “stay tuned for more photos on the ‘gram.”

Eli’s response

The audience was soon treated to the second post in the joint account with a picture of Pete Davidson sitting on his window pane surrounded by Giants memorabilia. The said post was on behalf of none other than Eli himself as it was accompanied by the following caption, “My biggest supporter <3.” Then we move forward to the next post which was a hilarious picture of the football quarterback pointing at Pete Davidson’s tattoo of a Giants helmet on his waist and adding a caption that reads, “confirmed.. Pete’s a Giants fan -Eli”