Phoebe Dynevor shares her experience of auditioning as Lois Lane for “Superman: Legacy”

Phoebe Dynevor shares her experience of auditioning as Lois Lane for "Superman: Legacy"
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Phoebe Dynevor is reflecting on some major insights about her acting career, which skyrocketed because of Bridgerton, catapulting her into stardom overnight, and making Dynevor the “It Girl” within the entertainment industry.

In an exclusive feature with Variety, the 28-year-old actress, who was recently seen as Emily Meyers in an erotic thriller film, Fair Play, gave a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the competitive world of Hollywood auditions. During her auditions, despite not landing the role after being in the final round of contenders Rachel Brosnahan ultimately nabbed the iconic role. She candidly recounts her healthy perspective and experience of auditioning for the iconic role of Lois Lane. 

Dynevor also makes sure to shed light on the exhilarating yet nerve-wracking process that the actors have to go through to bring beloved characters to life on the big screen. “It was a whirlwind, and then I realized that it was over, but it was great,” she says to the outlet. Further explaining that Lois Lane in the highly anticipated film “Superman: Legacy” is the type of role she wants to play, “She saves Superman. She’s the brains; she’s actually the fearless one.”

The movie is set to hit theaters next summer on July 11, 2025, with DC’s CEO James Gunn serving as both director and writer for the film. It stars David Corenswet as Superman, with Nicholas Hoult portraying Lex Luthor, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho. Filming is scheduled to begin in March 2024 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and is expected to last until around July.

Chapter 1 - Gods and Monsters | DC Studios | DC

Gunn and Safran considered the film to be the true beginning of the DCU. Although it is not an origin story, the film focuses on a young version of Superman as a reporter interacting with key characters such as Lois Lane, as he goes on a journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human family in Smallville, Kansas. Safran described Superman in the film as “the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way; he’s kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old fashioned.”

While Dynevor may have missed out on playing Lois Lane in Superman’s latest iteration, she didn’t shy away from discussing how, even before receiving her big break in Netflix’s romance series based on the book series by Julia Quinn, she nearly gave up acting entirely in 2019, as she was planning to take a break. “I’ve wanted to quit this industry a lot,” she says. 

“Then she got a call to read for Daphne Bridgerton, the debutante dubbed a “diamond of the first water” whose Regency-era romance with the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), and subsequent sexual awakening, would become the centerpiece of the period drama’s first season. She got the job. “In hindsight,” she says, “I know that a hiatus from acting probably wouldn’t have lasted very long. It’s my only thing, really. There is no Plan B.”

On the bright side, she still has plenty on the horizon to keep her booked and busy, which her fans have been happy to know about. 

The actress has two upcoming movies on the way, including “Inheritance,” scheduled to release sometime in 2024 as it is in the post-production stage. Another project, titled “Anniversary,” is an upcoming thriller film directed by Jan Komasa that is still being filmed. The release window has not been confirmed, but Dynevor is confirmed to play the role of Liz in the film, alongside Diane Lane, Kyle Chandler, Madeline Brewer, Zoey Deutch, Mckenna Grace, and Daryl McCormack.


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