Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 5: Has Paulie died?

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Credits: STARZ

Starz always comes up with shows that have a compelling storyline and well-written plots, especially around Crime Dramas. One such show premiering since September 1, 2023, is Power Book IV: Force the second season. The show has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10 and a 100% Rotten Tomato Score.

The story follows Tommy Egan who leaves New York to pursue his plans in Chicago where he needs to break a lot of stereotypes about being an outsider and learn to fit in. In the process, he breaks some local rules and rewrites them so that he can become the new drug kingpin of the city. The first season came out on February 6, 2022. Ever since then more than 87% of Google critic reviews have been positive.

Power Book IV: Force | Ep. 5 Preview | Season 2

The show is based on Power by Courtney A. Kemp. The fifth episode aired on Starz Official Network and Amazon Prime on September 29, 2023. The episode was named “Crown Vic” and the synopsis read, “Heightened police presence threatens Tommy and Diamond’s bottom line, and they form a coalition with a rival gang; Jenard hits rock bottom, and the Flynn family loyalties are tested with devastating.”

The episode saw many casualties and one of them was the major character of the show Paulie. Paulie was played by Guy Van Swearingen and was a crucial character who met his fate midway through the fifth episode. It happened in the shootout that led Vic to kill Walter Flynn. It all happened ahead of schedule. Analysis also shows that Claudia’s mistake of deciding to tell her brother, the warning signals, got his death under her control. Now that Paulie and Walter are out of the picture, would Claudia be the new Queenpin of the drug mafia?

CarterMatt explains that stating, “She has perhaps a little bit of control, but is fully unaware of the fact that Vic knows what she was trying to do. He wants revenge, and the way in which to do that is to work with the feds on an immunity deal — if he can infiltrate the CBI and take down Tommy, he will get what he wants … and that includes Claud going to prison.”


The show originally casts Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, Lili Simmons as Claudia Flynn, Kis D Lofton as Jenard Sampson, Audrey Esparza as Liliana, Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn, Carmela Zumbado as Mireya Garcia, Shane Harper as Vic Flynn. With few characters no longer being a part of the show, moving forward can be alarming as Paulie played a big role in bringing all the other characters together. But were these the only big changes in this twist-and-turns episode? No.

We also see Tommy and JP work together so that D-Mac gets a fresh start and makes a safe haven for himself. The next episode can be expected on October 6, 2023, and will be available to stream on Lionsgate Play. The episode is named “Here There Be Monsters” and pushes the show towards a conclusion and into the second half where the show has only 10 episodes, with the last one airing on November 3, 2023.

Let us see how Tommy and his universe come together and tackle more problems without inviting family drama.