Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates
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Is Primal returning for another season? Continue reading to find out more about Primal Season 2.

Primal, also known as Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, is an American adult animated action-adventure television series created and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block Adult Swim. Primal is tremendously Tartakovsky—vibrant, it’s powerful, and raw. It is a must-watch series since it is based on a career’s worth of experience and a commitment to animation. Because of this, viewers from all around the world have praised the creativity of this animated series. 

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has an approval rating of 100% based on reviews from 23 critics, with an average rating of 9.10/10. The site’s critical consensus states: “Epic in every sense, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is a stunning feat of visual storytelling.” Hence, this easily states why it was a good decision for the network to continue the show for another season after this fairly good reception. To help you prepare before streaming the new season, we’ve put up a quick summary of everything you need to know about the season’s release date, plot, and cast. Continue reading to learn more about Primal Season 2. 

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2 Release date and Time slot

Yes, it is official! Primal is returning for a second season. The series will be available to stream on July 21, 2022, on Thursday. It is also reported that just like many Adult Swim series, all the episodes will be available to stream at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, followed by its premiere on HBO Max the next day.

The official Twitter handle of Adult Swim also confirmed the news by posting the official release of the second season, simply quoting, “The Season 2 trailer for Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is here. Premieres July 21st on Adult Swim. Next day on @hbomax” Take a look at the official post below: 

Why was Primal Season 2 renewed by Adult Swim?

The first season of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both reviewers and viewers, and it is presently one of HBO Max’s top 10 most-watched Adult Swim shows. The series is a painting come to life, depending only on music and graphic imagery to convey the story of two unlikely companions as they travel through a perilous world. It is filled with suspense, heartbreak, exhilaration, love, and fear, all with almost no spoken. They get close because of horrible occurrences, and they seem to be the only ones who can survive.

Moreover, on Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 87 out of 100 based on 5 critic reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”. After so many great reviews from different sites, it is not a surprise that the animated series has been renewed for a second season. Over the course of the last two seasons, this series has gotten good in a storyline that has helped in streaming numbers from the audience around the world.  The viewers have become die-hard fans because of the way show creators have dealt with the character and the plotline of the series. 

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2 Plot

Set in an anachronistic and fantastical prehistoric-like world, the premise is a bond between a Neanderthal and a Tyrannosaurus (named Spear and Fang in the production notes and credits, respectively) who struggle to survive as they encounter the various dangerous fauna and people that live in their world. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Genndy Tartakovsky stated how different Primal Season 2 is from the prior season, quoting, “The introduction of Mira gives light that there is more civilization out there that’s more advanced. Once you get to ancient civilizations, you go instantly to, like, Pharaohs, Stargate, 10,0000 BC, all those movies. I realized everything we were talking about felt too cliché, too done. So we broke everything down and restarted, and came up with a direction that is more unique. It’s gonna keep you on your toes, and basically from [episode] 11 to 20, it’s one story. That’s the big difference from the first season.”

Further adding, “It’s even more emotionally complex. The action is on a scale beyond what we’ve done, and it keeps getting amped up as we go deeper and deeper into the season. There’s shock in it. There’s a big surprise that’s either going to get people to hate me or enjoy it, but as a storyteller this is me having fun. It’s super Heavy Metal–ish. It’s still pulpy, but at its core the character story between Fang and Spear — it goes bonkers. That was the best surprise of the first season. It wasn’t the violence — it was their relationship that people picked up on. As a filmmaker and storyteller, that’s what you’re most excited about.”

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2 Cast

As they come across many prehistoric or fanciful species and diverse tribes of hominins, Primal initially only has two heroes. So, these two main cast members of the series are returning for another season, and their character descriptions are listed down below: 

Spear (voiced by Aaron LaPlante): A Neanderthal caveman whose tragedy begins when his mate and two children are attacked and devoured by a pack of Tyrannosauroidea that also evoked the traits of Alioramus and Ceratosaurus. Although he overcomes his initial urge to commit suicide, Spear is still learning to cope with the loss. Eventually, he develops a deep bond with Fang and is willing to make any personal sacrifice to protect her.

Fang: A medium-sized female Tyrannosaurus whose tragedy begins with the death of her hatchlings, caused by the same horned Tyrannosauroidea pack that killed Spear’s family. Unlike Spear, who is still traumatized and dealing with the loss of his loved ones, Fang is able to cope with hers much quicker. Initially, she attempts to assert her dominance over Spear, but eventually learns that it is far healthier to work in a partnership than with a pack mentality and is willing to do anything to ensure his survival. After an encounter with a Titanoboa that she managed to slay, Fang develops a fear of anything snake-like including worms.

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2 Episodes

The first three episodes will air on Adult Swim before streaming on HBO Max the next day. The 10-episode season will continue airing a new episode weekly from there until the season finale, which is reported to air on September 15. Here is the complete episode guide for you to understand the order of release dates.

  • S2E1: Sea of Despair – July 21, 2022
  • S2E2: Shadow of Fate – July 28, 2022
  • S2E3: Dawn of Man – July 29, 2022
  • S2E4: TBA
  • S2E5: TBA
  • S2E6: TBA
  • S2E7: TBA
  • S2E8: TBA
  • S2E9: TBA
  • S2E10: TBA

We’d also like to point out that, as of July 12, 2022, the exact episode titles for the rest of the seven episodes after the initial three cannot be confirmed as the network will release them once the premiere dates draw in close. So, viewers should also keep an eye out for details on the series episode dates and synopsis that will be released in the following weeks.

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Where to stream Primal Season 2?

When released Primal Season 2 along with Season 1 will be available to stream exclusively on HBO Max and Adult Swim with an official membership account. To view the different genres of shows offered on the platform, users must purchase a membership-based on their preferences. So, we recommend that you renew your accounts and begin streaming the series to recollect the events from the prior seasons before you tune in to watch the upcoming season on the streaming platform. 

Primal Season 2: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and latest updates

Primal Season 2 Official Trailer

The official trailer for the upcoming season was released in July 2022, with the tagline stating, “Emmy Award-winning Primal returns for a new season that leads Spear and Fang on bigger, more brutal adventures than ever before.” Take a look at the official trailer below : 

Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal | Season 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER | adult swim

Primal Season 1 Episode 10: What happened in the finale episode?

The 10th episode of season one, Slave of the Scorpion, was released on November 1, 2020. The episode was viewed by 0.348 million US viewers and was directed by David Krentz and written by Bryan Andrews, Darrick Bachman, Krentz & Genndy Tartakovsky. In the episode, the viewers got to see that, while fishing, Spear and Fang come across a bound, bald-headed woman running from a Liopleurodon that Spear kills. She has a scorpion tattoo on the back of her head. The woman decides to travel with Spear and Fang after the three of them develop a mutual attraction for one another. 

She introduces herself as Mira and uses a combination of Arabic and sand drawings to explain how her people were held as slaves by invaders before she escaped after the two men released her. The following morning, a troop of ape-men capture Mira. Following this, Spear and Fang discover the ape-men dead from arrow wounds and mysterious footprints. The two proceed to the beach after following the footprints when they come with Mira bound on a boat with the same scorpion tattooed on its sail. Spear says Mira’s name, and Fang and Spear watch helplessly, unable to carry on their quest.

Primal Season 1 Episode 10

Catch up on the previous season while you wait for Primal Season 2 to premiere on HBO Max and Adult Swim.