Priscilla Presley reveals she never remarried after Elvis because ‘no one could ever match him’

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In the Hollywood industry, marriage and re-marriage is a common trend amongst the A-list actors. That said, sometimes, a few of them decide to ride the single marriage track out of love, even if it is one-sided.

People bring to us the case of Priscilla Presley and why she decided to wear only a single rock on her finger, even though her famous husband, Elvis Presley, passed away decades ago in 1977. A Q&A event at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas on Friday brought the matter forward when the 78-year-old actress decided to unveil the secrets of why she vowed never to remarry after Elvis.

She said, “I just don’t think that he could handle that,” and when asked why she did not marry after he passed away, she elucidated, “To be honest with you, I never wanted to marry after him. I never had any desire,” adding, “No one could ever match him.”

Presley also opened up on why she and the 60s rockstar planned to never expand their family beyond their daughter Lisa Marie Presley, who sadly met her demise on January 2023, aged 54. Reports gathered by People from this interview suggest that she said, “Elvis felt he had a very busy schedule and he did have a bit of guilt that he wasn’t around that much when Lisa was younger,” adding, “With his scheduling and his touring, he just felt he wasn’t around enough to give a lot of attention to having another child.”

In her interview with British journalist Piers Morgan for TalkTV on Thursday, per People reports, Priscilla still recalls the untimely demise of her husband, Elvis, years after his death. She reiterated that she can still clearly recall the day his road manager, Joe Esposito, broke the news over the phone to her.

She said, “I can still hear Joe Esposito’s words, ‘Cilla, Elvis is dead’, and that was like, I just couldn’t imagine him ever, especially at his age and all, still so young and wanting to do so much and had so much planned, and not having him, not talking to him, not having him be the father of our child,” adding, “My big fear was Lisa, and how do I tell her,” concluding her statement with, “She was only 9 at the time.”

In the same interview, Presley opened up on what drew her to her dashing husband, per People reports. The pair first met at a party in West Germany in 1959 when she was 14 and he was 24. She said, “He would walk into the room and it was like, ‘Whoa,’ ” adding, “I mean, he didn’t realize what he had as far as his appearance or what he felt or his charisma, but there were a few times when he came around and he said, ‘Damn, I’m good looking,’ kiddingly, when he would be in his bathroom and he would be getting ready to go somewhere, but he had a great sense of humor.”

She also recalled an incident where the “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” singer surprised a woman by buying her a brand new blue Cadillac upon driving by the shop and noticing a woman looking to shop for automobiles. She said, “That’s him, that’s what he would do,” reminiscing, “Anyone in trouble, he would give them money. Anyone who had a problem, with anything really and they couldn’t afford it, even with some of the guys who needed medical care, he would pay for it.”

The true essence of the evergreen romance between Elvis and Priscilla has been captured in a biopic film named Priscilla, directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi, which premiered on theatres on Friday.


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Priscilla sang harmony to Coppola’s work, “I think she did some homework. I mean she and I, we talked about it, and living with Elvis Presley, people think, ‘Oh how wonderful, it’s great, it’s Elvis Presley,’ but I went through the ups and downs with him in a very crucial part of his life,” adding, “His ups and downs, his struggles, his fears, so when you are living with someone so famous, and you have been through it with them, it’s that part of privacy that is hard to give up, it’s hard to share. I don’t want to give out too much because I want some of that myself, that’s just for me.”