The pros and cons of dating an Aquarius

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This air sign can naturally be like a breath of fresh air, but to be with them can also get a little tough. Read ahead to know more!

Aquarians have always been known for their unconventional approach, and there are multiple quirks of dating one. Every person has a different personality, and while that is true in its sense, stars tend to play a vital role in shaping our character to some extent as well.

If you are witnessing someone or yourself falling for an Aquarian, there are things you need to know that extend beyond the perks. Searching for your Aquarius handbook guide? We have got you covered!


They are far from the conventional. They are adventurous and on for an impromptu plan, any time and every time. They have a great sense of humor, and they know how to make you laugh whatsoever. They can easily turn any low-blow situation into a happy situation in a snap. They are very intelligent and eccentric.


They might initiate a conversation with small talk, but honestly, they value much more than that. That will form a mental connection with you, and they crave deeper, meaningful relationships that prioritize trust and good mental health. They are very creative and always think out of the box. They are willing to make efforts to know you better, impress you, and make you feel special by taking you to a number of different places and unique dates.

They love having something new and fresh every now and then. They will make sure that you are comfortable, and they will make sure that you are the best and truest version of yourself.


They can be slightly aggressive and come off strong while expressing their feelings. They can also be sometimes unemotional sometimes. They can be very detached and emotionally disconnected when they are just not feeling the vibe and are overburdened with workload.

Aquarians can be a little weird, which makes them feel like an outcast, which might have a negative impact on their emotional state, but also that they can be fun and can be a great company to chill with. It’s difficult for an Aquarian to properly communicate with their partner as they bottle up their emotions inside and find escapism in work. Being on the same page with an Aquarian can be tough work as you literally have to understand them behind all the layers.

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Aquarians can easily get bored, so they can be tough if you are expecting a relationship with them, and don’t be surprised if they suddenly cut you off or shut you out. That’s just how they approach dealing with a situation or not deal.

They like being in control of everything, and if they are not, they will probably lose it with an unstable emotional state. They can be crazy, and keeping up with them can get exhausting.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.