PSY’s P Nation office in Seoul raided after the death of a Summer Swag festival worker

Credit: Instagram

PSY’s P Nation has made headlines recently after the death of an unidentified worker who was also a part of the Summer Swag festival team. The said worker was reportedly Mongolian and was in his 20s when he fell while working under unsafe conditions for the Summer fest and passed away. Talking about the incident, it reportedly took place on July 31, 2022. P Nation also released a statement expressing grief over the same.

The statement

P Nation reportedly addressed the matter in their notice of condolence while stating that the individual was an outsourced staff member who died in the Gangneung Sports Complex situated in the Gangwon Province while working on the production of the stage structures. They also expressed their wish to help with the deceased’s funeral in the same statement. The agency further promised about taking countermeasures to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

The office raid

According to the latest reports, the labor ministry searched P Nation’s office in Seoul on August 25, 2022. The investigation is reportedly carried out to figure out whether the worker was provided with safety gear while working for the fest. The authorities will also figure out if the weather conditions were bad to the point that became unsafe for the workers. A search and seize warrant has also been reportedly issued against P Nation to understand if the company had violated the labor law of suspending outdoor work during unsafe weather conditions. Multiple officers belonging to the Ministry of Employment and Labor were sent to collect appropriate evidence for an investigation into the matter.

The festival details

Talking about the Summer Swag festival, it earlier earned the wrath of the netizens for its massive use of water resources despite the fact that the nearby areas were facing a lack of water supply facilities.

P Nation

P Nation is a South Korean entertainment agency and record label associated with multiple K-pop idols including Gangnam Style fame PSY. For the unversed, it was founded by PSY himself on October 29, 2018. Multiple South Korean artists like DAWN, Jessi, and HyunA were a part of the entertainment agency.