Red Wine: Is it really healthy? Find out

Red wine

There is no denying that wine has been an integral part of many people’s lives over the years. Moreover, the benefits associated with it have also been documented after research for a long time. R&D on red wine continues even now while suggesting that drinking it in moderation offers certain benefits. So, red wine, when consumed in moderation, is said to keep the heart healthy. There are certain substances present in the wine, especially antioxidants, that may help prevent coronary artery diseases that lead to heart attacks.

Red Wine

However, you must remember the fact that healthcare providers do not recommend drinking alcohol for your heart’s benefit. There is no denying that too much alcohol is, of course, too much harmful for your body.

What makes red wine heart healthy?

The antioxidants present in red wine called polyphenols help protect blood vessel linings in the heart. There is another polyphenol called resveratrol present in red wine that is known to benefit the heart’s health.

Now, the question that arises here is whether red wine is healthy. Let us delve deeper into some of its benefits.

It enables a healthy heart

If you drink red wine, it may lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants called polyphenols in red wine keep the blood vessels flexible by preventing unwanted clotting in your heart.

It helps balance blood sugar levels

According to studies, people who consume red wine three to four times a week are 30% less prone to developing diabetes compared to those who drink it for less than a week. The polyphenols in red wine may help control blood sugar levels.

It may help cure cancer

As mentioned earlier, resveratrol is a significant ingredient present in red wine that may help destroy malignant cells in the body. It also helps protect normal tissues from getting destroyed due to the radiation that is given to cancer patients.

It aids in weight loss

Consuming wine helps convert bad fats to calorie-burning brown fats. Wine is known to combat obesity as it helps increase the metabolic rate in the body.

It helps control high blood pressure.

Wine is known to lower blood pressure as it increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. It also helps you get relief from stress and prevents high blood pressure.

The bottom line

Red Wine

As mentioned above, no health expert will ever recommend you to have red wine to prevent heart diseases or regulate any health issues in your body. It is because alcohol is addictive and can even worsen your health problems. So, if you want to consume red wine, try to have it in moderation with an expert’s advice.