‘RHONY’ star Luann de Lesseps roasts former co-star Bethenny Frankel at Christmas cabaret show

Luann de Lesseps Bethenny Frankel
Credits: Instagram

Luann de Lesseps delivered a roast aimed at her former “Real Housewives of New York City” co-star, Bethenny Frankel, during her sold-out holiday cabaret show, “A Very Countess Christmas,” in New York City on Saturday night.

With wit and flair, de Lesseps addressed the situation, saying, “Now back to Bethenny. You know, listen, why bite the hand that feeds you?” This entertaining moment unfolded in response to a fan query about de Lesseps’ thoughts on Frankel, as exclusively captured in a video obtained by Page Six.

Luann de Lesseps targeted Bethenny Frankel for her recent comments

The Bravo star didn’t hold back as she criticised Frankel for her recent comments targeting Bravo executive Andy Cohen and NBC Universal.

“Why bite Andy? Why bite NBC?” de Lesseps questioned, prompting cheers from the audience. The 58-year-old singer continued to take jabs at the Skinnygirl founder, 53, suggesting, “You know, just go off into the sunset. You make millions and gazillions of dollars. If you claim you do, then why are you still harping on us? Why are you talking about us?”

With a spirited tone, de Lesseps then playfully referenced Frankel’s well-known phrase from the show, “Leave us alone! Go to bed! Go to bed! Go to bed!”

As per Page Six, the audience went “wild” for de Lesseps’ performance in the Big Apple, describing it as a full house where the crowd was “going nuts.” Taking note of the atmosphere, another source added, “I needed three martinis.”

Why is Frankel suing?

The bashing comes after Frankel launched a dispute against Bravo and NBC, seeking improved treatment for reality TV stars. Her summer lawsuit against NBCUniversal and Bravo alleges manipulation, alcohol influence, and revenge porn victimization of reality stars. Frankel is also advocating for a union for unscripted TV performers and pushing for the release of reality TV stars from nondisclosure agreements.

While she criticized Bravo executive Andy Cohen in September for asking “gross” and “problematic” questions on his show “Watch What Happens Live,” she clarified this month that she has “no personal vendetta against” Cohen. In October, she reiterated her commitment to fostering “systemic change” but emphasized that she is not currently suing the network.

‘The hand deserves to be bitten’

“I’ve now spent time with and understand many of them — absent of cameras, publicists, media articles, and shows designed to bring out our worst. I adored many of them long before reality tv, and began to strongly dislike many of them,” Frankel shared on Instagram at the time.

She continued, shedding light on the competitive nature of reality TV: “To be successful in reality tv, you must kill or be killed. To not get dirty is to get fired. Someone is winning and someone is losing in this zero sum game where people like myself get rich and the less strategic go broke or get cancelled.”

In response to criticism, Frankel defended her perspective, stating, “The hand deserves to be bitten. We have fed the machine ratings, ad dollars, catch phrases and content. We get filthy and they get filthy rich.”