Rihanna’s beau A$AP Rocky charged for alleged firearm assault case in November last year

ASAP Rocky
Credit: Instagram

Rihanna’s boyfriend A$AP Rocky seems to be in trouble again. Originally called Rakim Mayers, he has been charged with two counts of assault using a semiautomatic firearm on allegations of personally using it during a shooting incident that happened last year. According to Variety’s report, the Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon stated that his office filed charges against the international rapper on Monday.

The announcement

Gascon said in the statement that his office had conducted a review of the evidence of the said case and determined that the addition of a firearm allegation was also warranted against Rocky. The District Attorney further stated while speaking about the incident, “Discharging a gun in a public place is a serious offense that could have ended with tragic consequences not only for the person targeted but also for innocent bystanders visiting Hollywood.” The above statement is as per a report published in Variety.

A$AP Rocky’s detainment

Talking about A$AP Rocky, he was earlier detained at the Los Angeles airport in April on suspicions of the alleged assault. However, he was released three hours later following the posting of a USD 550,000 bond. At that time, the rapper was said to be returning from Barbados and was accompanied by his then-girlfriend Rihanna, who was pregnant at that time. The couple has already welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in May 2022.

The incident

The shooting incident was said to have taken place on November 6, 2021, in Hollywood when A$AP Rocky allegedly pointed out a semiautomatic firearm at the victim, subsequently drawing on the weapon and firing it twice in their direction. Fortunately, the incident did not have any fatalities. The victim’s hand was left grazed, and the concerned person had to undergo medical treatment. Talking about the victim, reports suggest that the individual happens to be a former friend of ASAP Rocky. The next hearing for the case is scheduled for August 17, 2022.