Rough Diamonds season 2: Will there be another season?

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Rough Diamonds is a Dutch crime drama thriller series that has recently been released on Netflix. Though the original language of the movie is Dutch, it has been dubbed into various other languages. The series hit the screens on 21st April, 2023, and instantly became super popular among viewers from all over the world.

Written by Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet and directed by Cecila Verhyden and Rotem Shamir, this nine-episode long series centers around a Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Family in Belgium’s Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. The series features Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez, Robbie Cleiren in the lead roles.

The show is currently trending on Netflix. Fans are already eagerly waiting for a second season. Continue reading the article to know whether any announcement has been made for season 2 of Rough Diamonds.

Rough Diamonds season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

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To answer that question, the series has neither been renewed nor canceled, as of May 2023. Netflix usually takes a couple of months after the release to declare the renewal of a newly launched show. So we would have to have to wait until the producers of the show make any sort of announcements.

But we have sad news for the fans that are waiting for a season 2. As per the reports, the series would most probably be a standalone series. This was declared by the makers at the time of writing of the show. But still there are hopes because we would also need to take into consideration the fact that the producers of the show have not yet issued any official announcement regarding this matter. It will not be any surprise to assume that the show might be renewed for a second season. If it is successful on the runway, the producers may consider bringing it back for a second season, in the same way as other limited series, such as squid games.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: What to expect from Season 2?

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Even though the second season has not been confirmed as of now, if it does end up being produced, we can expect that the storyline will pick up where it left off in the first season.

In season 1, we witness how Noah, who is the oldest son in the family, was estranged and left his orthodox family behind and moved to London. But later he comes back as he learns his younger brother Yanki died by suicide. He takes his 15-year-old son Tommy along with him too. Eventually, he learns that his successful family business is on the verge of collapse due to some unfortunate incidents. Noah decides to take all the matters into his own hands and sets on a journey to re-establish his family’s old reputation.

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Potential Cast

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If a season 2 is ever made. The cast might include:

  • Kevin Janssens as Noah
  • Ini Massez as Adina
  • Robbie Cleirin  as Eli
  • Yona Elian-Keshet as Sarah
  • Jereon Van der Ven as Benny
  • Marie Vinck as Gila
  • Els Dottermans as Jo
  • Tine Joustra as Kerra
  • Casper Knopf as Tommy

How well did the audience receive Rough Diamonds?

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The show has so far gotten mixed reviews from the audience. Kevin’s outstanding and powerful performance has been appreciated by many. Though some critics have pointed out the poor plot of the show. The show has a rating of 7.4 on IMDb and 87% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. We would recommend that readers watch the series at least once.

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