Rutherford Falls Season 3 canceled by Peacock

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock
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Why is Rutherford Falls Season 3 canceled by Peacock? Continue reading to learn more.

Rutherford Falls is an American sitcom television series that premiered on the streaming service Peacock on April 22, 2021. It was created by Ed Helms, Michael Schur, and Sierra Teller Ornelas. Furthermore, as the second season ended on June 16, 2022, viewers of the series have questions about the potential renewal of the series. After all the show has gained a fairly good reception and fan base over the course of just two seasons.

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

So, it is fair to ask about the franchise’s status, as many speculated whether it would be renewed or canceled. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. If you were looking forward to the next chapter of Rutherford Falls, the chance to binge-watch Season 3 was brief as the show has been canceled by Peacock. The series is listed among the other TV series which are abruptly canceled by the network. Here is everything we know about Rutherford Falls Season 3’s cancellation. 

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

Will there be a Season 3 of Rutherford Falls?

Peacock recently announced that the series was canceled after two seasons. As a result, the series has no chance of being renewed by the network, as many original series have been reported to be canceled by major streaming platforms this year.

Even though the series had a large fanbase who were eager to see more seasons in order to have a good concluding storyline that these beloved characters truly deserved it didn’t get greenlit. Sadly, Rutherford Falls has fallen into a similar list of canceled series even if the show had the potential to get better after improving the screenplay and the character arcs. 

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

Why did Peacock cancel Rutherford Falls Season 3?

According to Deadline, the following statement was released regarding the cancelation, quote, “It’s been a true joy to make these two seasons of Rutherford Falls. Mike Schur, Ed Helms, and I set out to make something new, real, and smart—but also dumb—that made you cry and think, but also laugh when Reagan got kicked in the face or Nathan was stuffed into a coffin. Borrowing a line from Terry Thomas, played by the ridiculously talented Michael Greyeyes, before our show, Native representation [was], for the most part, a hate crime. Which is why it’s been an honor to introduce the best of Indian Country to the masses.

We remain overwhelmed by the critical response, garnering a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score in our second season, and while we’re sad that our time at Peacock has come to an end we are immensely grateful to them for picking us up and showcasing the talents of comedy legend Ed Helms and breakout stars like Jana Schmieding, Jesse Leigh, Dana Wilson, Dallas Goldtooth, Kaniehtiio Horn, and many others. We love these characters, the world we created, and the impact it has had and will be exploring other platforms that, hopefully, the folks of Rutherford Falls can call home.”

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

What could have been the plot of Rutherford Falls Season 3?

As of September 3, 2022, Rutherford Falls Season 2 has aired all 8 episodes of the series, which was concluded on June 16, 2022. The final episode of the series, Election, was directed by Tracey Deer and written by Dash Turner and Kate Frydman. In the episode, the viewers got to see that Terry, who recently launched his cannabis company, and Nathan got Bobbie ready for the mayoral debate.

While Reagan’s land application is being considered, Deirdre asks Nathan to persuade Peggy or Ms. Fish to act as Deirdre’s doula. Feather accuses Bobbie of being Terry’s shadow candidate during the discussion, which Bobbie deflects by bringing up the vandalism carried out by Terry and Feather’s kids, which infuriates Terry. Sally’s request for Reagan’s assistance in submitting a land application prompts Reagan to decide she will utilize her property to build a shared living area for singles.

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

 Nelson refers to it as “their” land and is unhappy about the change in their intentions, but he nevertheless accepts it. After Josh promises to see Reagan around, he comes into Rutherford Falls to profile Bobbie as the new mayor. Peggy’s confidence intrigues Nathan, who sleeps with her just as Deirdre shows a desire for a committed relationship with him.

If the third season of the series was renewed, the story would have picked up from this very moment and expanded upon to explore the character dynamics and subplots, which could have been beneficial for the viewers to tune into watching the series for a long run. Moreover, these plot summaries provide viewers with a general idea of the plot, but not the complete picture that the show’s writers might have planned to be translated from the pages to the screen.

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Cast and Crew

Following are the main cast members and the character descriptions who were anticipated to return for the upcoming season:

Ed Helms as Nathan Rutherford: A proud descendant of the town’s founder who runs the town’s heritage museum

Michael Greyeyes (Muskeg Lake Cree Nation) as Terry Thomas: The C.E.O. of the Minishonka’s casino, who envisions big things for both Reagan and the success of their Nation

Jana Schmieding (Cheyenne River Sioux) as Reagan Wells: Nathan’s best friend and a member of the Minishonka Nation, who has dreams of championing the history of her people

Jesse Leigh as Bobbie Yang: A driven high school student and Nathan’s personal assistant

Dustin Milligan as Josh Carter: A passionate journalist looking for the real story of Rutherford Falls

With five Native writers working on the show, it had one of the largest Indigenous writer’s rooms on television including Teller Ornelas (Navajo), Bobby Wilson (Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota), Tai Leclaire (Kanien’kehá:ka [Mohawk Nation]/Mi’kmaq), Schmieding (Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux) and Tazbah Chavez (Bishop Paiute/Diné/San Carlos Apache) as well as Greyeyes ([Nêhiyaw (Plains Cree) from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation – Treaty Six Territory in Saskatchewan]) on screen.

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

Rutherford Falls Season 2: A Quick Recap

A crisis strikes their tiny town, putting the friendship of two longtime friends, Nathan Rutherford (Helms) and Reagan Wells (Schmieding), to the test. Nathan sets out on a mission to keep the statue in its current location after the mayor proposes to relocate a statue of his ancestor because drivers keep hitting it. Because Rutherford’s ancestor was notorious for attacking Reagan’s people during the colonial era, Reagan must balance her devotion to her buddy and to her people, the (fictitious) Minishonka Nation.

According to the official synopsis, In Season 2 of Peacock’s hit comedy Rutherford Falls, life-long best buds Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding) help each other tackle work, romance, and major changes to their small town and the Native American reservation it borders, initiated by Tribal Casino C.E.O. Terry Thomas (Michael Greyeyes).  

Rutherford Falls | New Season | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Where to stream Rutherford Falls?

Right now you can watch Rutherford Falls on Peacock. The viewers can also stream Rutherford Falls by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video. So, it is time for you to renew your membership plans and stream the series and explore another genre of tv series and movies from the massive catalog that the streaming service offers to its members. 

Rutherford Falls Season 3 Canceled By Peacock

Catch up on all previous seasons, and let us know in the comments how you feel about the cancelation of Rutherford Falls Season 3.