Ryan Gosling releases ‘KEN: THE EP’ featuring four versions of “I’m Just Ken”

Ryan Gosling releases ‘KEN: THE EP’ featuring four versions of “I’m Just Ken”
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Step aside Barbie! It’s time for Ken to take over and sing “Merry Kristmas Barbie” 

The charismatic actor Ryan Gosling captivated the audience on the silver screen by playing Ken in the fantasy comedy Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, which emerged as his highest-grossing release of this year. The actor has definitely taken the role seriously as he has surprisingly dropped an unexpected Christmas gift for the fans who still can’t get enough of Gosling’s standout song “I’m Just Ken” from the Barbie soundtrack.

The Canadian actor, 43, teamed up with writer-producer Mark Ronson, 48, to release a four-track EP that includes: “I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie)” this new mix of the popular song covers a holiday version. The other tracks included on the digital EP are an unplugged version, “I’m Just Ken – In My Feelings Acoustic,” and a full-on dance rendition “I’m Just Ken – Purple Disco Machine Remix.” Check out the entire album “Ken The EP,” on Spotify below: 

In addition to this, Atlantic Records posted a rather humorous video of The Notebook actor performing the song “Merry Kristmas Barbie,” which surprisingly fits the mood of the festive season. In the music video, the actor can be seen in the studio while bantering and working with Ronson and co-writer/co-producer Andrew Wyatt. The unexpected collaboration between the renowned actor and talented musicians adds an exciting twist to the holiday season with his charismatic presence and infectious “Ken-energy,” as Gosling effortlessly brings the catchy tune to life. 

Since its release, the tracks have gone viral all over the internet, with many fans chiming in to listen to these comedic-filled songs, with one user even commenting, “I love how you can add jingle bells to pretty much any song and make it sound ‘Christmas-y.'” Another commented, “The world can have Ken’s voice, but only Barbie can have his eyes. Give Ryan the Oscar, now!” A third one said, “Ryan needs to perform this at the Oscars and then win for Best Song. It’s truly a masterpiece.” A fourth one praised Gosling’s singing skills, “Round of applause for that high note at the end!”

Watch the official music video below:  

Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson - I'm Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie) [Official Music Video]

Mark Ronson also shared a message on Instagram detailing the inception of the tracks which were first recorded back in March 2022 at a studio in North London called Eastcote, quote: 

“I’d never met Ryan & was a little starstruck when he walked into this no-frills studio where the Clash once made records. Let’s be real, I’d been enjoying his work for many years – he’s a few cuts above, ya know? We had a quick, awkward “get to know you” cup of tea & headed to the control room. I was informed I had 2 hours before he had to return to a grueling rehearsal on set, so I was already feeling up against it. Andrew & I had written a song with different sections, a number of modulations and the vocal was pretty unhinged at moments.”

He continues, “Well, it only took 2 or 3 warm up takes for me to realize not only was he going to be able to handle the vocal but it was going to far exceed anything Andrew and I could have hoped for. Not only did he bring a broken falsetto, a hefty growl, & everything in between, he brought the emotional resonance of a great actor who’d been living in a role for the past 6 months…after that, we didn’t see each other again for 18 months but of course, I was excited to see the world fall in love with his performance & know to some small degree, our song was a part of it.”

He further adds, “Cut to this past Nov where he fully surprised me at an awards event with one of the nicest/funniest intros I could’ve dreamed of. From then, we began to text & talk about music. I told him I fantasized about us performing the song live, so we started to dream what that might sound like. I was also dying to show the song in a different context —  he demanded I go “Full Ronson” with the arrangement (which I took to mean 2007 motown/wall of sound-obsessed me).”

He concludes the message by stating, “Anyway, i sent this version to him last Tues and he dug it & it sounded so f***ing xmas that we were like, “man, can we get this out in a week?!” Since I’m the person who throws on Stevie’s “Someday at Christmas” the day after Thanksgiving, this appealed to me greatly. So he re-recorded the vocals and here we are, a week later serving up this version that we love with about 5 days til no one wants to hear a xmas record, but sometimes u have to do it 4 fun (& maybe a little for Barbie). Happy holidays, we hope u ❤️.”


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About ‘Barbie’

The movie is based on the eponymous fashion dolls by Mattel, it is the first live-action Barbie film after numerous computer-animated films and specials. The film stars Margot Robbie as the title character and Ryan Gosling as Ken, and follows the pair on a journey of self-discovery following an existential crisis. The supporting cast includes America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, and Will Ferrell. Its simultaneous release with Universal’s Oppenheimer led to the “Barbenheimer” cultural phenomenon. 

The film received critical acclaim and has grossed $1.44 billion, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2023, the highest-grossing film by a solo female director and by Warner Bros., as well as the 14th highest-grossing film of all time, and the highest-grossing comedy film of all time. It was named one of the top 10 films of 2023 by the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute and received other accolades, including nominations for twelve Grammy Awards, nine Golden Globe Awards, and a record-breaking eighteen Critics’ Choice Awards.

Gerwig directed “Barbie” from a screenplay by Gerwig & Oscar nominee Noah Baumbach (“Marriage Story,” “The Squid and the Whale”). The film’s producers are Oscar nominee David Heyman (“Marriage Story,” “Gravity”), Robbie, Tom Ackerley and Robbie Brenner, with Gerwig, Baumbach, Ynon Kreiz, Richard Dickson, Michael Sharp, Josey McNamara, Courtenay Valenti, Toby Emmerich and Cate Adams serving as executive producers. The film was released on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD  by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Most recently, the film is now available for digital download, and it is streaming exclusively on Max, including an American Sign Language version.