Ryan Gosling shines as a stuntman in The Fall Guy trailer

Ryan Gosling
Credits: The Fall Guy

After headlining this year’s biggest hit, Ryan Gosling is making a comeback in the action genre, securing his place as a force in this cinematic realm. His memorable turn as an action hero in Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” was a pivotal moment in his career, and now, he’s ready to reprise his role as a daring stuntman in ‘The Fall Guy,’ as hinted in the newly released trailer.

Ryan Gosling sets out on a mission to win Emily Blunt’s character

The first exciting trailer for “The Fall Guy,” reveals Gosling’s character on a mission to locate a missing movie star so he can win the heart of Emily Blunt’s character. The star’s absence threatens the whole movie, and the strange circumstances of his vanishing create worry on set.

Sadly, it appears that the main actor is involved in some questionable activities, and this puts Gosling’s character in a dangerous situation, risking his own well-being. Apart from the thrilling action sequences, Gosling does not miss a chance to flirt with the leading lady, resulting in light-hearted comedic scenes.

The Fall Guy | Official Trailer

David Leitch embraces the mindset of stunt performers

Before stepping into the world of a Hollywood action director, David Leitch was a stuntman who worked on notable movies like “Blade” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” This unique background makes him the ideal filmmaker to tackle “The Fall Guy,” as he comprehends the mindset of stunt performers.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Leitch revealed that “The Fall Guy” holds a special place in his heart as a passion project. “I was a former stunt performer, so it’s very, very dear to me,” he said.

The film takes inspiration from a 1980s TV series

This movie is based on a TV series from the 1980s with the same name. It’s directed by David Leitch, who also worked on films like Bullet Train, Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

The script was written by Drew Pearce, and the movie stars Winston Duke and Stephanie Hsu. The production had David Leitch and Kelly McCormick from 87North, as well as Ryan Gosling and Guymon Casady from Entertainment 360 as producers.