Ryan Reynolds shares a hilarious edit of Taylor Swift and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds shares a hilarious edit of Taylor Swift and Blake Lively
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The king of wit has once again left us in stitches with his latest post. 

Even though the actor might be busy filming the upcoming Deadpool 3, it didn’t hold back Reynolds from taking to Instagram stories and making his 50.4 million followers have a quick chuckle as the actor made sure to share a hilarious edit of his wife, Blake Lively and a close friend singer-songwriter Taylor Swift by photoshopping his and Travis Kelce’s faces onto an image of Swift and Lively cozying up at London’s Leicester Square premiere of Beyonce’s Renaissance concert film on November 30, 2023.

Reynolds, 47, is known for his razor-sharp sense of humor, which he shares from time to time online with his fans. But this time around, by posting the side-splitting edit, which has since gone pretty viral on the internet, the actor has had his fans rolling on the floor with laughter as the story is also captioned as, “I feel like I should remember this,” while also giving a shout-out to its original creator, @karthiknjartist. Take a look at the post as shared on Instagram Stories below: 

Ryan Reynolds shares a hilarious edit of Taylor Swift and Blake Lively

The way in which the photo is edited with the facial expressions perfectly captures the essence of Reynolds’ knack for finding humor in even the most ordinary situations. Moreover, this edit comes as a reference to the ongoing romance between Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce, 34, whom the singer began dating during the 2023 NFL season. The highly publicized relationship comes months after Swift’s breakup with Joe Alwyn, 32, whom she dated for the last six years, which was subject to intense tabloid scrutiny.

On the other hand, on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans are having a field day with the post, which has been turned into a meme. One X user wrote, “Ryan always saves the day with his humor.” The second one commented, “Not Ryan Reynolds posting this on his IG story.” A third one wrote, “Reynolds is known for his witty and entertaining social media posts, often engaging in light-hearted banter.” Even Reynold’s co-star Hugh Jackman from Deadpool 3 joined in the fun and shared an edit of him and Ryan Reynolds on Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s picture on his Instagram Stories, which is also created by the same account.

Blake Lively, 36, also shared some photos from the premiere with her 43.2 million followers, where the Gossip Girl actor was seen flashing lovely smiles with Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Moreover, she was also seen donning a gorgeous black outfit with her luscious blonde locks styled to make the overall look of the attire fit the theme of the Renaissance universe. Additionally, the post is accompanied by a sweet message praising the musical icons for supporting and lifting each other up. Take a look at the official unaltered pictures below as the caption reads as follows:

“When I grew up, women were always pit against one another. It took me until adulthood to see that the instinct for women to lift each other up to their highest potential is the norm, not the exception. Most of my best friends are women who would’ve been packaged to me as threats or competition. It’s our job to show younger generations the power in aligning rather than dividing. All this to say, @beyonce and @taylorswift neither of you have to be threatened by my pop stardom. There’s space for us all. Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. In theaters now …And even better than you can imagine.”


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