‘Saltburn’ star Barry Keoghan confirms Alyson Sandro split after welcoming baby together

Barry Keoghan
Credits: Barry Keoghan/Instagram

Barry Keoghan confirmed his newfound single status in a recent interview. The ‘Saltburn’ actor revealed that he and his longtime girlfriend, Alyson Sandro, decided to part ways after welcoming their son, Brando.

In a February 2024 cover story with GQ, Keoghan praised Sandro, saying, “She’s done a great job, and she’s an incredible mother.” The star, 31, reportedly added no further details about the breakup. The confirmation comes a few months after rumors of Keoghan and Sandro going separate ways began in July 2023. 

Keoghan also expressed that the responsibility and pressure he feels, especially in terms of his career decisions, have been influenced by his son. “I feel a responsibility. I feel an enormous amount of pressure, which is good. And I can’t get the little boy off my mind. It’s beautiful,” he said, noting that his son makes him feel “like the most important person in the world.”

Barry Keoghan and Alyson Sandro broke up after nearly three years of dating

Keoghan and Sandro ended their nearly three-year relationship. “They’ve grown apart over recent months, and things have finally come to a head,” a source told the Sun in July, further claiming that Keoghan’s partying, leading to arguments with Sandro.

The source also suggested that their relationship faced challenges following the success of Keoghan’s 2022 film, “The Banshees of Inisherin.” Neither Keoghan nor Sandro commented on the rumors back then.

The former couple reportedly met at a bar in London in 2021 and marked their first red carpet debut as a couple in October of the same year. The pair welcomed their baby boy in March 2022.

Keoghan only got a day off during the birth of his son

“They gave me a day off,” he recalled getting just one day off on the day of his son’s birth. “Good on them! Day off, and straight on to night shoots and night feedings — boom!” While the star was occupied with “havin’ a baby boy and leadin’ a movie,” he described it as “the best time of [his] life.”

Keoghan further talked about his son who is now a year and a half old. “He smiles at you and you’re like, ‘Wow. You’re smiling at me like that? I don’t deserve that, but anyways, thanks,’” he gushed.