Sanctuary Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

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If you’re a fan of Japanese dramas, you might have already binge-watched Netflix’s latest offering, Sanctuary. The show’s eight episodes are currently streaming on the platform, but fans are already wondering if there will be a season 2.

Sanctuary follows the story of Ennō, a troubled young man with a significant debt, trying to make his way into the world of professional sumo wrestling. With a star-studded cast, including Wataru Ichinose Kiyosh as Ennō, Pierre Taki as sumo stable master Enshō-oyakata, Koyuki as Enshō-oyakata’s wife Hana, Shota Sometani as Shimizu, and Shioli Kutsuna as Asuka, the series explores the rigorous training, dedication, and culture behind the sport.

Written by Tomoki Kanazawa and directed by Kan Eguchi, Sanctuary highlights the struggles and challenges of a young man’s journey to becoming a successful sumo wrestler. Despite his passion for the sport, Ennō faces criticism from those who believe he doesn’t have the necessary respect for the traditions and customs of sumo wrestling.

The show’s ending left room for more story to be told, and fans are eagerly awaiting news of a second season. So, will there be a season 2 of Sanctuary? Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix or the show’s creators regarding a second season. However, given the show’s popularity and positive reception from audiences and critics alike, there is a possibility that a new season may be in the works. Fans will have to wait for further updates to find out if they’ll get to see Ennō’s journey continue on screen.

Sanctuary Season 2: renewed or canceled?

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As of May 12, 2023, the fate of Netflix’s Japanese drama, Sanctuary, remains uncertain. Despite the show’s open-ended finale, the streaming service has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a second season. It’s a waiting game for fans of the series who are hoping for an official announcement from Netflix soon.

While some viewers are optimistic about a potential renewal, others are concerned that the show’s ratings may not meet Netflix’s expectations. The streaming giant has a reputation for making unpredictable decisions regarding the cancellation or renewal of their original series.

However, recent investments in international content, such as the $2.5 billion allocated for South Korean dramas, suggest that Netflix may have more confidence in its foreign productions. Therefore, there is a chance that Sanctuary could be given another chance to continue its story.

For now, fans will just have to sit tight and see what Netflix decides to do. Only time will tell if the show will be given another season or if it will be left with just one.

Sanctuary Season 2 release date:

Netflix has announced that the highly anticipated season 2 of Sanctuary will premiere in May 2024. Fans of the Japanese drama will once again see Wataru Ichinose play Kiyoshi Oze, a troubled young man who takes up sumo wrestling under the name Enn to earn some much-needed money.

Sanctuary season 2 potential plot:

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The Netflix series Sanctuary follows the story of Enn, a troubled and indebted individual with a tumultuous family life. In an attempt to find a way to earn money, Enn pursues a career in professional sumo wrestling, where he catches the eye of the master of Ensh stable due to his natural talent and physique. Despite rising up the ranks and gaining success, Enn faces criticism from the traditionalists in the sumo world who disapprove of his unconventional style and perceived disrespect for the sport’s cultural values. The title of the series refers to the dohyo, a sacred ring where wrestlers compete and gamble on their future. Viewers can expect to see more intense matches and explore the traditions and culture behind the sport in the upcoming season.

Sanctuary season 2 potential cast:

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  • Wataru Ichinose as Kiyoshi Oze, aka “Saruzakura”
  • Shota Sometani as Shimizu
  • Shiori Kutsuna as Asuka
  • Pierre Taki as Oyakata
  • Koyuki as Hana
  • Goro Kishitani as Oyakata Ryukoku
  • Tomorowo Taguchi as Tokitsu
  • Suzuki Matsuo as Oyakata Inushima
  • Akira Nakao as Kumada
  • Nobuko Sendo as Yayoi
  • Takashi Sasano as Ito

Is Sanctuary worth your time?

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Sanctuary, the Japanese drama series on Netflix, has garnered an impressive 86% audience rating from viewers on the platform, though there is no critics score available on Rotten Tomatoes. The series has received a number of positive reviews, with Decider recommending it as a must-watch. They praised the show for offering a unique insight into sumo wrestling and Japanese sports culture, despite its occasionally slow pacing.

Similarly, Sportskeeda praised the series for its skillful blend of sports activities and cultural aspects, calling it an enjoyable viewing experience. However, Collider’s review was less enthusiastic, noting that while the fight scenes were intriguing, the series could benefit from more focus on its overarching direction to avoid feeling aimless in some episodes.