Save these horror movies for the Halloween season

Credits: Instagram (Blairwitchmovies)

Halloween is wonderful because it stimulates the imagination. The young children’s minds are enthused through storytelling, making crafts, and simply pretend play. The teens and adults celebrate this day by organizing parties wearing their favorite ghost character costumes. Even if you’re not American, you can still celebrate it anywhere in the globe if you put some effort into it and get into the Halloween day spirit.

However, many of us who are not party people and want to spend this day inside our homes can watch some spine-chilling horror movies. We have prepared a list of 5 spooky movies which you can enjoy with friends, family, or absolutely alone.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

They seek you out if they hear you. In this movie, the monsters attack you even if you make a pin drop by mistake. In order to stay alive, you must maintain a deep-down silence. In this movie, you will see how a family maintains stillness in order to be safe from enigmatic monsters that kill you if you make any sound. Evelyn and Lee are determined parents to find a means to safeguard their children while anxiously looking for a way to fight back because they are aware that even the smallest whisper or footstep can result in death.

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In | Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

A boy named Oscar is fed up with getting bullied at school. He lives with his mother in suburban Sweden. A new neighbor Eli, a strange, melancholy girl, becomes his friend. Oskar and Eli are first wary of one another but gradually develop a close relationship. However, it quickly becomes clear that Eli is not your typical young girl. Eventually, Eli confesses to Oskar her horrifying, macabre secret, disclosing her involvement in a spate of violent local killings and that she has a thirst for blood.

Blair Witch

Blair Witch (2016 Movie) - Official Trailer

Researching the Blair Witch tale, James finds the footage online, certain that he saw his missing sister Heather, who vanished in the same woods in 1994 along with her two friends who were aspiring young filmmakers. On it, he gathers a group of friends to help him in his quest for information. He enters the dark forest with his friend Peter, Ashley, the film student Lisa, the two uploaders, and himself since he believes she is still alive. However, they get lost in the middle of a green maze.

Get Out

Get Out Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Daniel Kaluuya Movie

The movie is about a black man Chris who gets trapped in the weird family of her white girlfriend, Rose, who is aggressive and strange. When the couple reached the house, the introduction went all well but began a series of strange behavior against Chris. Did he manage to escape from there will be thrilling to watch. The makers made the extraordinarily wise decision to cast this picture on racism as a horror movie rather than a drama or comedy.


IT - Official Teaser Trailer

This intriguing story is about Pennywise – the dancing clown who haunts the city every season. His main target is children whom he torments before feeding on them. Two brothers, Bill and Georgie, who are enjoying themselves in the rain, make a paper boat, and the younger one, Georgie, takes it outside the house to sail it. Unfortunately, the paper boat fell down inside a sewer. Georgio stood by the drain to watch his sailboat but saw a clown inside who ripped his hand and pulled him inside. Later the story will be about how the elder brother and his friends make a plan to counter the clown in the haunted sewer.