Scheana Shay says she wanted Tom Schwartz kiss ‘to go to the grave’ before ‘Pump Rules’ trailer

Scheana Shay Tom Schwartz
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Scheana Shay’s discreet kiss with Tom Schwartz in Las Vegas has surfaced, contrary to the 38-year-old singer’s hopes of keeping it under wraps. A groundbreaking trailer from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ on Monday hinted at their romantic entanglement, prompting Shay to address the situation herself.

The “Good as Gold” singer turned to Instagram to officially confirm the unexpected liplock featured in the reality TV series. Adding another layer to the revelation, Shay candidly described the makeout session as “Things that were supposed to go to the grave” during an appearance on the ‘Everything Iconic’ podcast with host Danny Pellegrino. However, things got confusing when Shay added, “BUT it’s not exactly what you think… Stay tuned!”


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‘I’ve cheated’

The season 11 trailer also teased Schwartz confirming the kiss during a discussion with Lala Kent. “I’ve cheated,” the Schwartz & Sandys co-owner said, referring to his relationship with ex-wife Katie Maloney. “I was a makeout slut. I made out with Scheana, like, in Vegas and nobody knows that.” Stunned by the surprising revelation, Kent, 33, exclaimed, “What?”

Elsewhere in the trailer, the tension between the ex-couple escalated as Maloney, 36, confronted her former spouse, expressing that her “feelings never mattered” to him. Schwartz, in response, tried to downplay the situation, stating, “It was just one kiss.”

‘I have a crush on a divorced couple’

In another intriguing glimpse from the trailer, the former couple found themselves entangled in what seemed like a complex “love triangle.” Both were captured on film, sharing intimate moments with the same person. A mystery woman added to the intrigue by confessing, “I have a crush on a divorced couple.” To this, Maloney playfully quipped, “May the best man win.”

Schwartz and Maloney got married in 2016

Schwartz and Maloney initially wed in 2016 but had to do it all over again three years later because the first ceremony wasn’t legally binding. In 2022, Maloney filed for divorce and entered a new relationship with Satchel Clendenin, which was showcased in Season 10.

Meanwhile, Schwartz has been romantically involved with Jo Weinberg, as per the recent trailer. As for Shay, the songwriter has been married to Brock Davies since 2019. They tied the knot in 2021 and are parents to a 2-year-old daughter named Summer.

‘Scheana Shay is a snake’

Bravo viewers have been fans of the sensational kiss between Shay and Schwartz, with many letting out their opinions on the internet. A netizen called out Shay in a tweet, writing, “The absolute REASON I’ve been on team @MusicKillsKate and @stassi since the jump.. @scheana is a SNAKE. #PumpRules”

Another netizen called out Shay, saying, “Of course scheana made out with Tom.. she has never been a good girls friend . I cannot wait to watch this play out #PumpRules.” Another tweet read, I’ve seen the #pumprules trailer and welp Scheana gonna Scheana.” A fan tweeted, “Wtf Scheana?!?! This explains ALOT of the years… #PumpRules.”

Fans went on to express their shock, with one tweeting, “SCHEANA AND SCHWARTZ??? Hahahahahahahaha.” A third tweet read, “Scheana and Schwartz made out?? EXCUSE ME? #PumpRules.”