School Spirits Season 2: All you need to know

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School Spirits is a supernatural adolescent drama that aired its first season in 2023, and many fans are wondering if it will return for a second season in the future. The drama debuted on Paramount Plus and told the narrative of a young girl named Maddie (Peyton List) who wakes up in the dead, exploring the circumstances of her own disappearance, solving murders, and adjusting to her new adolescent existence.

It’s full of thrilling twists and turns while keeping all of the drama and humor that comes with young adult programs, mixing the two in a way that seems pleasantly new. Because there were various open concerns following School Spirits’ season 1 ending, many fans are eager to learn whether the program would return for a season 2 to prevent disappointment. This was undoubtedly the writers’ aim since they left key narrative aspects unsolved and raised more questions than they addressed.

The only way to completely explain all of the questions that people will have following the cliffhanger ending is to bring the program back for a season 2, but that doesn’t always happen.

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When will School Spirits Season 2 release?

The good news is that the program has been renewed. The bad news is that the series is now in limbo owing to the strike. However, it appears that there was already a plan in place, given the renewal occurred while the WGA strike was still in effect. When The Hollywood Reporter announced the extension, it included a year for production to begin. We never expected manufacturing to begin this year. It will begin in 2024.

This will allow the workers to negotiate reasonable contracts with the studios. Talks haven’t happened in a while, but with both authors and actors striking, studios will have to start giving some form of reasonable contract, which includes residuals and the usage of AI. The fact that production did not begin until 2024 was most likely owing to the ongoing writers’ strike at the time.

However, the actors’ strike might have had a role. SAG-AFTRA and the studios were negotiating at the time of the renewal, but we all knew a strike was inevitable. Those involved in the show’s development would have anticipated it. Rather of pushing for a 2023 production date and then having to postpone everything, it made more logical to declare that nothing could begin until 2024.

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What to expect from School Spirits Season 2?

The big concern heading into Season 2 of School Spirits is whether Maddie will be able to return her body from Janet’s otherworldly control. The two fighting back and forth between two separate planes of existence will most likely account for the majority of the plot. This is a significant departure from season 1, which was mostly centered on Maddie’s crime-fighting in the hereafter – which now appears to be very low-stakes in compared to the new route the program appears to be heading.

Season 2 of School Spirits might potentially provide additional history on what happened to Janet before she assumed Maddie’s identity and stole her body. The character was never seen in season 1 and was just referenced in passing, so learning more about her backstory before she apparently becomes the show’s major enemy would be intriguing. This would even allow the series to have some flashbacks or even full episodes set in the past, where they could answer a variety of different questions regarding who these School Spirits characters used to be and how they grew to be the individuals they are now.

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Who might be cast for School Spirits Season 2?

School Spirits, like many excellent murder mystery series, had a huge cast of skilled performers who helped bring many of the intriguing murder suspects to life in exciting and interesting ways. These individuals become crucial to the plot, and it’s difficult to conceive that season 2 won’t keep them around. At the end of season one, it was revealed that Maddie never truly died but is instead being possessed by Janet for another shot at life. As a result, both characters will play significant roles in the season 2 plot, and Peyton List will almost certainly reprise her role as Maddie.

Janet’s character was never seen in Season 1 of School Spirits, but it’s probable that she’ll be cast in Season 2, when she’ll be given a much larger role in the tale. Characters like Wally (Milo Manheim), Xavier (Spencer MacPherson), Charley (Nick Pugliese), Rhonda (Sarah Yarkin), and Simon (Kristian Ventura) are expected to return because they were given a lot of screen time and played important parts in Maddie’s journey during season 1. Many of these performers are also relatively new to the profession. Thus, they are unlikely to be called away due to past obligations or schedule difficulties.

Where to watch School Spirits Season 2?

School Spirits Season 1 is available to stream on Paramount+. When the second season comes out, it will be available on the same platform.